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PM Marković tells Vijesti: Set of measures aimed at citizens, their families, health and safety

PM Marković tells Vijesti: Set of measures aimed at citizens, their families, health and safety
Published date: 21.03.2020 13:00 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković said that the first set of Government measures, in response to the situation caused by the coronavirus, was supposed to have multiple effects, but that the common goal were: human beings, citizens and their families, their health and support for their safety.

"Now it is time for the economy, and within it we want to see business and individual ethics and solidarity. That business owners give up part of their profits, which, we will agree, was high over the past decade and especially in recent years. And, in addition, to return accumulated capital to economic flows, to stimulate investments and to create new values," Prime Minister Marković said in an interview with Vijesti.

"After all, this situation will teach both the administration and the economy that it must keep up with the times, and that any selfishness, whether individual or corporate, is actually a weakness that emerges when we are least ready," PM Marković emphasised.

The Prime Minister said that the work of medical services, the health system and institutions as a whole was very good, adding that there were no weak points.

"This situation and its complexity requires a common and unique response, and there is no room to single out any segment or service," Prime Minister Marković said.

He assessed that the measures and recommendations implemented so far are sufficient and that there is no need to declare a state of emergency yet.

"You have seen that we have introduced them in a timely and gradual manner through recommendations and subsequent orders, monitoring compliance with those orders. For this reason, I am convinced that there is no need to take the extreme measures, but only those that are commensurate with the challenge and the dangers we have faced. Much more important than the power to declare a state of emergency is to have the institutions and trust them. To build a reliable partnership with all social actors outside the institutions, including our citizens, and rely on that partnership. We have done so, and that is why we have an advantage over all other countries, including those in our region," says Marković.

After the EU's first point of view that there is no distribution of goods and medical supplies outside the EU, this has changed slightly by creating procedure which begins with the submission of a request. Asked what his impression was after talking to EU leaders, PM Marković said: "I was not only direct, but also very clear. Even when it is in trouble, Montenegro thinks and acts responsibly and as a partner, sharing the burden of global challenges with its allies and neighbours. We will not take reciprocal measures against anyone, but will help every country and its citizens to the best of our ability. I believe it is, after all, a pattern of European behaviour to follow."

Asked whether response was received to the initiative that neighbouring countries use Montenegrin ports to transport goods, the Prime Minister said that every well-intentioned address encouraged it as an opportunity to find answers in such a complex situation.

"You see that road and rail traffic is inaccessible to some countries and air traffic is insufficient to transport certain goods. Our ports will be used to protect the health of our citizens and citizens of all other countries in need of assistance, to overcome current obstacles and reduce the economic damage to the overall market that countries of the region gravitate to," the Prime Minister said.

Asked to comment on the news about examples of abnormal price increase of some items that further annoy the public, PM Marković pointed to the message sent by Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić.

"However, it is a fact that unethical behaviour of some individuals will not return the money to the citizen. Inspection services monitor the situation, while the administration records weaknesses in regulations and procedures, and this will be eliminated over time," PM Marković said in an interview with Vijesti.

Responding to a question about dialogue he has with social and political actors within the Alliance for Europe, the Prime Minister said that the initiative is already yielding results. 

"I must say that the dialogue with the NGOs, civil society institutions, the media, academia and political parties was not only refreshing, but also set useful directions for further progress in the European integration process," PM Marković said.

He added that at the very beginning of preventing the coronavirus epidemic, the political parties, the NGOs and many others had already come up with excellent initiatives and proposals, which shows solidarity and responsibility towards their country.