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PM Marković calls for dialogue: Together to overcome divisions and find common denominator in interest of citizens and European perspective

Published date: 05.02.2020 17:03 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (5 February 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković earlier today sent a letter to relevant political and social actors, inviting them to dialogue on all issues that will help to overcome divisions and find a common denominator in the interests of citizens and our European perspective.

"Membership of Montenegro in the EU and its significance for the future of our country and generations to come, goes beyond all daily political interests and it is up to us, to make an additional effort to initiate and reach a political consensus on this essential issue," reads the letter of Prime Minister Marković.

Part of this is certainly a dialogue and agreement on electoral legislation and related conditions for elections, which is necessary for strengthening a precondition for any progress, the mutual trust. 

"In this regard, we are ready for an open and frank discussion and agreement, in order to further boost the legal and other preconditions concerning the electoral process, whether for media legislation, laws in the judiciary, i.e. other regulations that will enhance the rule of law, which will all contribute to the successful reforms of the European agenda," the Prime Minister stated.

Prime Minister Marković is sure that our citizens and voters, as well as international partners expect of us the political consensus and compromise, guided by our EU integration, stability and safety of the country: "In this spirit, we are open to any initiative that will contribute to this. In this manner, we will confirm the political maturity and commitment, what is expected of a NATO member state and the most advanced candidate for the EU membership".
Deepening the divisions is in no one's interest, except for those who do not want progress of Montenegro and its EU membership, the Prime Minister's letter reads. Instead of looking to the past, we should look to the future and to what we believe that we, as a state and society, share - and that is the European goal: "This is why Montenegro needs an alliance for Europe".

Democratic elections in line with international standards, in which everyone will have an equal chance, are our common interest and a necessary precondition for the final phase of negotiations with the EU that is expecting us in the next few years, Prime Minister Marković noted. 

"Though the Government has a special responsibility, as a representative of the ruling majority, the opposition also has a responsibility to be the controller of the government and make it better, but also to contribute to the achievement of the common goal," the letter of Prime Minister Marković reads. 

He believes that on the part of the Government there is capacity for this, but also on the part of political actors outside of it, as well as all other social actors who do not belong to the Government nor political parties.

"That is why we are fully prepared for dialogue and compromise on these and all issues that will help to overcome divisions and find a common denominator in the interests of citizens and our European perspective," concluded the letter of the Prime Minister.

A letter of Prime Minister Marković has been sent to parliamentary opposition parties, representatives of the academic community, NGOs dealing with issues significant to the European integration, the print media, while the Government remains open to initiatives of all actors who consider that they can contribute to the achievement of the aforementioned goals.