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PM Marković congratulates Day of Journalists: Montenegro is committed to improving media environment

Published date: 23.01.2020 08:48 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković congratulated the Day of Journalists of Montenegro and added that Montenegro is committed to improving the environment for media work.

"The role of the media and journalists is of paramount importance for the strengthening of democracy, the emancipation and overall progress of the state and society. For more than a century, Montenegrin journalists have been chroniclers of events, but they have also conveyed the voice of reason in difficult times and historical turning points in the Balkans," the Prime Minister's letter reads.

The challenges of modern times, he added, have not bypassed the media community, which - the Prime Minister is convinced - will best resist the challenges of fake news and other hybrid threats that Montenegro is exposed to by remaining committed to the principles of accurate and timely reporting on all issues of interest to the public.

"I would like to remind that Montenegro is one of the few states that has decriminalized defamation and is committed to improving the media environment," PM Marković stressed.

The Prime Minister believes that a set of media laws expected to be adopted this year will make a key contribution to this goal.

"In hopes that the media community will recognise their own and the citizens' need to form a single self-regulatory body, I congratulate all media representatives on the Day of Journalists of Montenegro," the Prime Minister of Montenegro noted.