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PM Marković after London Summit: NATO has never been stronger, more powerful, never demonstrated more solidarity

PM Marković after London Summit: NATO has never been stronger, more powerful, never demonstrated more solidarity
Published date: 04.12.2019 18:52 | Author: PR Service

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NATO came out of this Summit stronger than ever, demonstrating more solidarity than ever before. All countries clearly stated that the issue of NATO unity is crucial for stability and peace, and that NATO's justification to exist and its functionality should not be questioned, but that efforts to strengthen it and boost its capabilities should be continued, said Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković following the meeting of leaders of NATO member states in London earlier today.

NATO, as the most powerful political and military alliance, provides peace, stability, quality of life and human freedom for a billion of people on the planet, and today's Summit testifies to the strength, unity and solidarity of its members to boost its ability to counter all contemporary threats, wherever they may be and wherever they might came from, PM Marković told the press following the Summit in London.

The Prime Minister highlighted that when it comes to NATO and the EU accession processes, Montenegro's position is clear: “Our interest is not to become members of any alliance or just to satisfy our goals and interests with membership, but to embrace values ​​of the modern and democratic world within these alliances, whether it is NATO or the European Union."

Summing up two years of experience in the Alliance, the Prime Minister stated that Montenegro was able to confirm its commitment to not only being in the company of the most military capable countries of the world, but that we are in the company of the countries that cherish contemporary and democratic values ​​that are preconditions for freedom of each person, their prosperity and the prosperity of their family, which is the mot significant assets fostered by the Euro-Atlantic community, and emphasised:

"Not only do NATO member states protect countries individually and their security, but they create conditions for people to live more freely, for their standard to be higher, for the rule of law to be on a more desirable level. These are the values ​​we do not see, the values that are not discussed, but they are of paramount importance for every society, and for the Alliance as a whole."

Prime Minister Marković said that after NATO membership, Montenegro was given another opportunity to develop and improve its economy in a sustainable way, based on its own resources, and that is why the economy has grown at significantly higher rates than projected: "In the past two years, the economy has grown by 4,9% on average. We also expect very high growth this year. Of course, many other benefits come from this result, such as more jobs, better standard in almost all sectors. Therefore, NATO membership brings overall benefits, and Montenegro has shown that it is not in NATO for the sake of the benefits alone, but that, although small and with modest overall potential, it contributes to the values ​​of the Alliance," the Prime Minister concluded.