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More details on findings and evidence of Duško Jovanović's murder can be disclosed exclusively by competent prosecutor's office, PM Marković notes

More details on findings and evidence of Duško Jovanović
Published date: 30.10.2019 16:29 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (30 October 2019) -- At today's Prime Minister's Questions session in the Parliament of Montenegro, answering the question by Danijela Pavićević, MP, regarding the murder of editor-in-chief of Dan daily Duško Jovanović, Prime Minister Duško Marković reiterated the position that all powers and responsibilities were given to the State Prosecutor's Office, which has run the proceedings from its beginning to the issuing of the judgement, and that the competent prosecutor's office has been playing a leading and crucial role in this case.

"Today, as at that time, I believe that at this stage of the investigation, if warranted, more details about the information and evidence gathered may be communicated exclusively by the competent Prosecutor's Office, which is in the possession of this information, and not by the Prime Minister,” PM Marković emphasised.

Agreeing with the assessment that responsibility should be sought at an address that did not do its job professionally and responsibly, PM Marković referred to the practice of using the institution of the Prime Minister's Question to address issues beyond the jurisdiction and functional reach of the Government.

"I greatly appreciate and respect the role of the Parliament, because any other behaviour, wherever it comes from undermines the whole system and indicates the obvious need to change those parts that show deviations. If the legislative authority cannot properly supervise the work of the State Prosecutor's Office, then, in a way unknown to me, the Prosecutor's Office in Montenegro has suddenly become more independent than the judiciary itself," PM Marković stated, adding that he publicly, on behalf of the Government, had shown interest to the State Prosecutor, but that the answer does not indicate the confirmation of the alleged omissions in this investigation, nor does it specify the handling of the case.

The Prime Minister stressed that the Government advocates for a policy of zero tolerance to any form of violence against journalists, and that the police have effectively investigated and identified the perpetrators in all cases of violence against journalists that occurred during the mandate of this Government.

"It is very significant that in most cases final judgments have already been issued and that most of the perpetrators have been sentenced to prison, while a number of proceedings are still pending. According to the information I received from the Police, no physical assault on journalist occurred this year, which is the result of dedicated work and efforts of the competent authorities," said the Prime Minister.

PM Marković concluding by emphasising the following: “I am calling on the State Prosecutor's Office to examine in detail whether there were certain omissions and deficiencies in the case of Duško Jovanović's murder. And if it turns out that there were omissions, they need to initiate procedures for determining responsibility and inform his esteemed family, the Government, and the entire Montenegrin public about their findings."