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PM Marković hosts German Minister Altmaier, business people: Relations between Montenegro, Germany enhanced after Marković-Merkel meeting provide basis for concrete activities to boost economic cooperation

PM Marković hosts German Minister Altmaier, business people: Relations between Montenegro, Germany enhanced after Marković-Merkel meeting provide basis for concrete activities to boost economic cooperation
Published date: 22.10.2019 15:22 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (22 October 2019) -- Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković and German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier concluded at today's meeting in Podgorica that the two countries foster open and friendly relations without outstanding issues and that cooperation particularly advanced following Prime Minister Markovic's official visit to Germany last year and his meeting with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, adding that this provides a good basis for concrete steps to further upgrade economic cooperation.

Prime Minister Marković also said during the official bilateral talks and later at a meeting with a German delegation, which, in addition to Minister Altmaier, also included representatives of the Bundestag, the Chamber of Commerce and business people, that this visit testifies to the the readiness of Germany for a stronger presence in Montenegro. In that regard, he expressed satisfaction with the fact that the German energy companies have already been operating in Montenegro.

Having thanked the German state and people for supporting Montenegro during the NATO integration process, Prime Minister Marković said that during the two years of NATO membership, Montenegro has proven to be a reliable ally that responsibly implements its membership obligation.

Minister Altmaier stressed that Germany appreciates Montenegro's position of a leader in the European accession process and the reforms it has implemented, while reaffirming its continued support to the the country's EU bid.

"We want Montenegro to become a member of the European Union. We are supporting and will be supporting this process. There is only one chapter to be opened. You are making good progress. It shows that your country's government is working very seriously and with great commitment to create all the conditions for accession to the European Union," Minister Altmaier said at a meeting with business people.

Both sides underscored that they regret that North Macedonia and Albania have not now been given the opportunity to continue the European integration process, emphasising that the EU enlargement policy and the European perspective of all the Western Balkan countries are strategic commitments of both countries.

This visit should motivate German investors, as well as us in Montenegro

At the meeting with the German delegation, the Prime Minister of Montenegro said that the visit represents an opportunity to deepen economic cooperation, but that it should also stimulate Montenegro's administration.

"Your visit to Montenegro is a confirmation of excellent bilateral relations and our commitment to further strengthening and complement them with strong economic cooperation. This visit will be a new impetus for our administration, as well as the private sector, to provide all the necessary conditions to attract your companies to invest more in Montenegro,” PM Marković said.

He informed the German Minister about the successful economic policy of the Government, pointing out that the Economic Reform Programme resulted in high economic growth, which was among the highest in Europe last year, as well as in reducing unemployment by more than 8% "The key sectors that have contributed to this growth are tourism, energy, construction and agriculture. … We also want to make Montenegro an attractive investment destination that will create reliable business conditions for the German investors,” he stated.

We have already taken a number of steps to strengthen economic cooperation

Minister Altmaier noted that his visit is a direct result of the agreement he reached with Prime Minister Marković in Berlin last spring, adding that the Federal Chancellor supported this approach to Montenegro.

The German Minister underlined that since the Prime Minister's visit to Berlin last year, a number of steps have been taken to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, and that in that context, a meeting of business people within the chambers of commerce will take place next year.

"I have already suggested that a group of young entrepreneurs from Montenegro visit Germany next year. I will be very happy to host them at the Ministry for talks on future cooperation,” said Minister Altmaier.

German business people expressed satisfaction with the presence in Montenegro, the country's economic indicators and the willingness of the two governments and chambers of commerce to intensify economic cooperation.

An invitation to the Prime Minister to visit Hamburg, as well as the opening of an airline between Montenegro and that city in northern Germany, was also among the suggestions made at today's meeting in Podgorica.