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PM Marković at Komuna award ceremony: We are building modern Montenegro preserving values and tradition

PM Marković at Komuna award ceremony: We are building modern Montenegro preserving values and tradition
Published date: 19.10.2019 09:01 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković said that the task of everyone is to protect Montenegro with all the values that adorn it, and that is exactly how we build a modern state, tailored to the developed Europe. The Government, he stressed, will contribute and encourage that in the forefront of further overall progress, apart from institutions, is our intellectual elite. Side by side, individuals and movements!

"The Europeanisation process itself is not contrary to tradition, and the history and culture of all the people who live here will contribute to that process," Prime Minister Marković said at the award ceremony of the magazine "Komuna" for contributing to the preservation, promotion, protection, valorisation and affirmation of Montenegro's cultural heritage. 

The Prime Minister reminded that the traditional achievements of anti-fascism, multiculturalism and unity are the fundamental value of an independent Montenegro, and that in 2011, the magazine "Komuna" joined the efforts to preserve them.

"The mission of preserving the rich cultural and historical heritage through the format of such print media gives us the right to say that Komuna is not only a magazine, but a kind of collective of intellectuals and patriots who is recognised through each of its issues," Prime Minister Marković noted.

He added that the traditional values of Montenegrin society, multireligious and multicultural, are deeply rooted in our national being, but under the burden of time and challenges - they are not easily reached.

"For this reason, we owe a special gratitude to Komuna and its authors for reviving and reminding of our identity and culture through their devoted work in 32 issues, giving them a well-deserved place in the context of overall social and economic development," the Prime Minister said.

Commenting on the nine years of Komuna's work, the Prime Minister said that it was a chronicle of reality, adding that the published material is "a treasure trove of Montenegro's heritage".

Prime Minister Marković presented the annual Komuna award to Slobodan Čukić - editor, essayist, philosopher.

"As the author of several books and about 200 special research essays and articles dedicated to the Montenegrin national being and understanding of its tradition, Čukić gave an intellectual stamp to the national identity of Montenegro," the Prime Minister said.