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PM Marković opens Mojkovac Film Autumn Festival: Over EUR one and half million for cultural development in north

PM Marković opens Mojkovac Film Autumn Festival: Over EUR one and  half million for cultural development in north
Published date: 23.09.2019 20:36 | Author: PR Service

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In the last three years, the Government of Montenegro allocated over EUR one and a half million for the development of culture in the north alone, Prime Minister Duško Marković said at the opening of the Mojkovac Film Autumn Festival.

"We will continue to allocate additional funds for culture, here in Mojkovac and in every other place," PM Marković said and added that the Mojkovac Film Autumn Festival is one of the oldest manifestations of culture in Montenegro, with a decades-long tradition that is deeply rooted in the former Yugoslavia.

"For almost four and a half decades, the Mojkovac Film Autumn Festival has undergone various conceptual changes and adjustments, and today it is widely recognised as the Festival of Actors of the Same Language Area," noted PM Marković, adding that we recognise the Festival today as a scene for the promotion of local filmmakers, the development of national cinematography, but also as an opportunity for regional and wider participation in this cultural sphere.

"The significance of the Festival for the cultural offer of Mojkovac, i.e. the Montenegrin north, and the State as a whole, is of particular importance," Prime Minister Marković stressed.

He recalled that the Government and the Ministry of Culture have made significant effort to bring Montenegrin cinematography in line with demanding international standards and make it part of a unique European film scene.

"We have improved the legislation, provided stable sources of funding. This enabled Montenegro to access the most important European programmes and funds. This year we gained membership in the Council of Europe's very significant fund for cinematography - EURIMAGE. I will also remind that we have formed the Film Centre, establishing institutionalisation in the film industry," Prime Minister Marković pointed out.

Cinema as the seventh art, with its irreplaceable contents, strongly contributes to the positioning of national culture on a wider scale. Its documentary sphere, along with other priority areas of cultural and artistic production, has an indispensable and irreplaceable role in the preservation of national and cultural identity.

"Events such as the Mojkovac Film Autumn Festival, Ratković's Poetry Evenings, and cultural and artistic content recognised by awards that carry the names of our most prominent writers - belong to policies that best preserve Montenegro's rich artistic tradition, multicultural heritage and identity," the Prime Minister highlighted. 

Because of its natural beauty, PM Marković said, Montenegro is recognised as an increasingly interesting film destination: "For these reasons, special attention is paid to promoting Montenegro as an exceptional potential for the international film industry, with appropriate incentives applied".

All efforts aimed at establishing regional and European cooperation and promoting cultural tourism will have strong support from the Government and the Ministry.