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National Security Council notes notable progress in combating organised crime

National Security Council notes notable progress in combating organised crime
Published date: 19.07.2019 17:42 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (19 July 2019) -- The National Security Council, chaired by Prime Minister and the Council's Chairman Duško Marković, held earlier today its 15th session, which, in addition to the members of the Council, was also attended by Veselin Veljović, Director of the Police Authority.

The Council adopted a special report on the results of the fight against organised crime and corruption drafted by the Police Authority and concluded that serious progress has been made in combating organised crime at all levels, with the strengthening of the overall institutional capacities of all security sector bodies.

It was concluded that special priority should be placed on measures to detect and prevent drug trafficking, since the funds derived from such criminal activities represent a real economic power for the operation of organised criminal gangs.

Furthermore, as one of the priorities, specific activities were defined for conducting financial investigations, misusing financial operations, tax fraud and tax evasion to eliminate all irregularities that pose a threat to the stability of the economic system.

The Council also pointed out the need to undertake activities to eliminate the bad spots within the institutions of the system, which are tried to be misused for the purpose of achieving criminal goals.

Today's meeting also adopted the Information on measures and activities on securing the state border and the suppression of illegal migration, and the Council noted that the situation at the state border is stable, the movement of migrants is under control, and that illegal migration at this moment is not a threat to national security and public order.

The Council also adopted the Report on the Implementation of the Action Plan for the Implementation of the National Security Strategy of Montenegro 2018-2020 for 2018 and noted the excellent level of realisation of the planned measures in 2018.