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PM Marković at PMQs: Misinformation about collapse of tourist season denied by data on records: These are golden years of tourism

PM Marković at PMQs: Misinformation about collapse of tourist season denied by data on records: These are golden years of tourism
Published date: 17.07.2019 12:38 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (17 july 2019) -- Montenegro has opened 140 high - class hotels since 2016, which means that it has been opening one high – class hotel a month, more than half a billion euros has been invested in the large development projects on the coast, thanks to which the most prestigious brands came to Montenegro and the structure of guests is such that there are more and more guests from Germany, United kingdom and France, stressed Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković in the Parliament, hopeful that this year’s summer tourist season will be successful after the  record-breaking seasons over the past two years. 
The Prime Minister dismissed the speculation and unfounded claims that the collapse of the tourist season is coming up. 
"There is a lot of unverified information and campaigns conducted from all kinds of sources. One of them, that has been repeated every year is about the collapse of the tourist season. I am convinced that in autumn we will speak about the new achieved results and qualities in tourism," the Prime Minister pointed out. 

Prime Minister Marković presented data implying that more and more guests from the countries of the Western Europe are staying in Montenegro. 

"In fact, in 2018 compared to 2015 Montenegro hosted 82% more tourist from Germany, 108% more tourist from the United kingdom and 69% more tourists from France. That trend has been continued this year as well, so in our hotels in May stayed most tourist from Germany and France. we can tell that these are golden years of Montenegro’s tourism," PM Marković stressed. 

The Prime Minister presented data about the investments in tourism in the northern region, recalling that after many decades, the new ski resort in Montenegro – Kolašin 1600 was opened in February and that Public Works Administration signed a few days ago an agreement on the construction of the design solution, the main project and the construction of 6 – seat cable cars at the "Hajla and Štedim”. Yesterday, an agreement on the handover of the military – tourist complex Mediteran in Žabljak, with the obligation of the tenant to invest EUR 5.5 million in the construction of a 5-star tourist complex with a capacity of 100 beds. 

"There are ongoing activities on the construction of the electricity infrastructure for the need of future cable cars within Cmiljača and Žarski ski resorts. The total estimated value of the complete investments at these two locations is more that EUR 52 million. I would like to highlight that the Aman company will start this autumn a construction of a new five – star hotel at the location of the former hotel Durmitor in Žabljak," Prime Minister Duško Marković said. 

The Prime Minister of Montenegro emphasised that the Airport of Montenegro has already serviced over a million of passengers or 10 % more, while the national air career Montenegro Airlines transported 5% of passengers more.