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                        Ask the Prime Minister


PM Marković and Government are committed to citizens' interests

Published date: 08.07.2019 15:43 | Author: PR Service

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Regarding the untrue claims of the former President of the Municipality of Kotor Vladimir Jokić referred to Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković, for the sake of citizens of Kotor and Montenegro, and not for the sake of the former president of the municipality, we want to announce several important facts that speak about the responsible attitude of the Government and the Prime Minister towards municipalities and their development needs.

The Prime Minister had over 20 official visits to municipalities, as well as more than 40 working meetings in his cabinet with local authorities. This is how the Prime Minister's attitude towards the municipalities and their citizens throughout Montenegro is.

Furthermore, two years in a row Mr. Jokić did not want to come to a meeting with the Prime Minister, which is organised on the eve of the municipal holiday. It is not a courtesy nor a protocolary meeting, but operational and working meeting.

Therefore, the former president of the Kotor municipality ignored the calls of the Prime Minister for two years. He also ignored the calls and initiatives of several ministers, refusing to arrange meetings with them in his cabinet.

All the initiatives that came from the Kotor municipality were examined and processed with utmost care for the sake of citizens of Kotor, looking at their interests, because they are not guilty of the fact that the president of the municipality is acting under political dictation and not consciously and responsibly.

In the event of the dissolution of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor, the Government took all legislative measures and activities to ensure the functioning of local self-government and the exercise of citizens' rights.