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Education should be basis and mirror of state identity of Montenegro, PM Marković notes

Education should be basis and mirror of state identity of Montenegro, PM Marković notes
Published date: 26.06.2019 13:39 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (26 June 2019) -- Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković said earlier today in the Parliament that the investment in the development of youth, though education, is one of the Government's priorities, that two years after the adoption of a set of laws, there are enough arguments which speaks about the results of the reforms implemented, but that the Government will not be satisfied with partial solutions. 

Prime Minister Marković recalled that the Government's goal is to make education available to all on equal terms regardless of financial status, but also to align education system with the market in order to acquire competitive and applicable knowledge and skills. With this in mind, the Prime Minister added, legislative reform of all levels of education has been carried out in a way to change the system laws, stating that the European Commission praised the results of educational reform in its two latest reports. 

Speaking about the results, the Prime Minister stressed that for less than three years the Government has managed to raise participation of children aged 3 years and older in pre - school education from 50% to 73%, that 37 interactive services in 16 municipalities that perform the function of kindergartens in remote areas have been opened and that the introduction of English in kindergartens for children over three years was justified.

The Prime Minister recalled that the focus of the education system reform is placed on the acquisition of IT knowledge and that significant achievements have been made when it comes to inclusive education, but he particularly emphasised the progress made in the secondary vocational education. 
Prime Minister Duško Marković also mentioned the establishment of a special fund to reward best teachers and pupils. For these purposes, EUR half a million is allocated on an annual basis.. 

The Government will especially focus on the material status of professors, teachers and all employees in education system, Prime Minister Duško Marković stated.