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PM Marković sends letter of condolence to family of famous actor Miša Janketić

Published date: 16.05.2019 12:45 | Author: PR Service

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On behalf of the Government and in his own name, Prime Minister Duško Marković sent a letter of condolence to the family of famous actor Miša Janketic.

"Janketić was the role model of many artists and admirers of theatrical art. With his death, an extraordinary talent and theatrical art become an irreplaceable loss to our culture. At the same time, as a legacy and pride there is the truth that Miša Janketić, playing numerous theater, film and television roles, left a notable trace on the cultural scene of the former Yugoslavia, affirming in the first place his Montenegro and his homeland. Precisely this belongingness to Montenegro and its values, on which we are grateful to him, marked his artistic and patriotic personality," the Prime Minister's letter reads.