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PM Marković hosts representatives of Student Parliament: Students benefit from successful economic policy

PM Marković hosts representatives of Student Parliament: Students benefit from successful economic policy
Published date: 01.04.2019 13:37 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (1 April 2019) -- The Montenegrin Government has achieved serious results in the field of economic policy, and the student population have significantly benefited from it, said Prime Minister Duško Marković at a meeting with representatives of the Student Parliament of the University of Montenegro, headed by President Danilo Jelovec, on the occasion of marking the 4 April - the Students' Day.

"We are strongly focused on growth and development. High economic growth rates of 4.7 and 4.9%, revenue growth, deficit reduction, increase in direct investment, unemployment and new job creation are all encouraging parametres for young people who will enjoy benefits from this achievements as well,"he noted. The Prime Minister added that positive dynamics in terms of economy is expected this year as well.

The meeting, attended by ministers of education, science and sports and youth, Damir Šehović, Sanja Damjanović and Nikola Janović, underscored that the Government is committed to improving the status and conditions of studying in Montenegro. A huge breakthrough was made by the introduction of free study, and more millions of euros have been allocated to various scholarships, co-funding studies and research support, they emphasised.

Referring to numerous reforms, the meeting emphasised the importance of the implementation of the adopted legislation. Although there was some progress, the need for further infrastructure improvement was identified as an issue of key significance.

Significant steps have been taken in the field of youth policy and creating the basis for the State to directly support young people and invest in youth centres. Innovative startups were mentioned as a special opportunity for students, and that the Ministry of Science is working intensively in that field.

The students thanked PM Marković for the institutional support they have received to date, stressing that it is crucial for the realisation of their activities. They informed the Prime Minister and Cabinet members about the events marking the Students' Day, and further cooperation with the relevant departments was agreed.

The Prime Minister and the ministers wished happy the Students' Day, hopeful that the dialogue and constructive cooperation on all issues of relevance to the student population will be continued.