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PM Marković visits Uniprom KAP: Investments of around 66 million are great opportunity for Montenegro and its economy

PM Marković visits Uniprom KAP: Investments of around 66 million are great opportunity for Montenegro and its economy
Published date: 22.03.2019 14:20 | Author: PR Service

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Investments in Uniprom KAP, around EUR 36 million thus far and additional 30 million, are a great opportunity for Montenegro, its economy, industrial production and export increase, it was noted today during Prime Minister Duško Marković's visit to the factory.

"A new modern industrial centre is practically being developed in Montenegro. I am sure that most citizens do not know about it, not only in Montenegro, but also in Podgorica. New plants and new factories for the finalisation of aluminum production are being developed here," PM Marković said.

He added that in May, a new line for the production of aluminum alloys will be completed, and by the end of the year we will have a new factory that will provide a line for the production of aluminum billet. In 2020, according to Prime Minister Marković, another new factory for the production of aluminum wire and steel wire is planned.

Owner of Uniprom Veselin Pejović said that EUR 20 million have been invested so far in reprlacement of 170 cells and other infrastructure.

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"With the new silumin factory which we will open in the next couple of months, production will be 30,000 tons. The investment is worth EUR 11 million, and the investment for the billet production factory with a capacity of 70,000 tons, which will be open by the end of 2020, is 15 million. These two factories will have a total production of 100,000 tons, which means that in 2020 we should have export of about 300 million dollars," Pejović said.

Prime Minister Marković praised the fact that KAP uses new plant for liquefied gas.

"Therefore, fuel oil and oil are removed from use, which is very important for the further development of KAP, but it is also very important for the preservation of the environment," the Prime Minister emphasised.

Pejović specified that the introduction of this system was also important for bringing relevant customers from the European market, and pointed out that Uniprom KAP is the only Balkan-based facatory using LNG, natural liquid gas.

"KAP used to spend 10 tons of oil on a daily basis. That is equal to 1,000 cars in Podgorica per day and 10 liters of oil per car per day. What a polluter! This is no longer a case in KAP," the owner of Uniprom explained.

He added that they have invested EUR five million so far in LNG and gas station. The further development of KAP and the new plants will reach a figure of 20 million in order to maximally cover all production.

PM Marković especially praised the fact that in such difficult conditions and complex activities, the company cherishes a principle of social responsibility and supports the interests of the community as a whole.

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The Prime Minister reiterated that he, the Government and the competent authorities will strongly support the fulfillment of investment plans of Uniprom KAP and this development perspective.

Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić and Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović also paid visit to KAP.

PHOTO: PM Duško Marković pays visit to Uniprom KAP