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PM Marković: Montenegrin institutions are capable and ready to protect constitutional and legal order of our country

PM Marković: Montenegrin institutions are capable and ready to protect constitutional and legal order of our country
Published date: 20.03.2019 15:45 | Author: PR Service

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PHOTO: Prime Minister's questions

Montenegrin institutions are capable and ready to protect the constitutional and legal order of our country at any time and in any circumstances, Prime Minister Duško Marković said at the Prime Minister's questions.

This is based, the Prime Minister pointed out answering the question of MP Andrija Popović, on the fact that Montenegro is a state of established institutions, a NATO member, a politically stable country based on democratic and European values.

"Therefore, despite the challenges that accompany us, we are achieving to protect the state, protect the citizens and their interests, and the attempts of destabilization have made our security apparatus more compact, and the state more stable," Prime Minister Marković emphasised.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the European and Euro-Atlantic future, as well as the independence of Montenegro, cannot be endangered by anything: "I want to believe that even protesters do not want it, who protest as a way of expressing opinions on the goals that unite them. Furthermore, I believe that they do not want to demolish, but build. "

He stressed that we will not allow the creation of an overthrowing atmosphere, for which Popović expressed his concern. He added that protests are a democratic and legitimate way of expressing opinions and emphasising the demands, and we understand them especially when they are motivated by the desire to improve the standards and quality of life of citizens.

Visible results achieved on improving the quality of life of citizens

"However, we must agree that the Government is working on it on a daily basis, PM Marković noted, emphasising the notable results that are visible and measurable.

He pointed out that the economy grew at a rate of almost 5 percent in the previous two years, that new jobs were created reducing the unemployment by 12,000 persons in relation to 2016, that development momentum in infrastructure is achieved, as well as the balanced regional development.

He said that the results gave him the right to say that there is no place for protests against the work of the Government: "It provided free tuition for students, 1,500 new places for children in kindergartens, reconstruction and construction of over 150 facilities in education and health sector, and created new jobs in these sectors".

In the first year of implementation of the free study, the Prime Minister reminded that the Government has allocated EUR 1.5 million for this purpose, and the treatment of our citizens in renowned overseas clinics in 2017 and 2018 cost EUR 16.5 million. The Prime Minister stated that, regardless of examples of good results, there is room for improving the situation in all social segments, including in economic and political life: "But the dialogue on this should primarily be conducted within institutions that are legitimate and functional in Montenegro ".

Unfounded demands for the Government's resignation

The Prime Minister said that the demands for the resignation of the Government were unfounded because it has support in the Parliament where it was elected.

PM Marković called the citizens who demand the Government's resignation on the streets to launch an initiative in the Parliamanet for the evaluation and verification of the work of the Government, adding that as the Deputy President of the Democratic Party of Socialists he was ready to ask the members of the ruling party to support such an initiative.

The case of building a kindergarten in Bar, which we stopped, also testifies that we are ready to conduct a dialogue on all important social issues: "We in the Government listen carefully to what citizens have to tell us."

The Prime Minister explained that the civil protests, and not political ones, resulted in the Government's decision to build a kindergarten at a new location.