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PM Marković answers journalists' questions: We will consider objections to Law on Amendments to Law on Data Confidentiality

PM Marković answers journalists
Published date: 20.03.2019 16:16 | Author: PR Service

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PHOTO: PM Duško Marković answers journalists' questions following the Prime Minister's questions

The Government of Montenegro will consider objections to the Law on Amendments to the Law on Data Confidentiality, and if they prove to be established, we will relaunch the procedure and work on it from the beginning, Prime Minister Duško Marković said answering questions of journalists in the Parliament of Montenegro following the Prime Minister's questions.

"I noted this observation, or a strong objection. This law will soon be in the parliamentary committee. We'll see what kind of discussion will happen. We will not go to the Parliament with the adoption of law until we clarify every objection and every fact on which this objection relies. There is no reason to do this. We have nothing to hide," PM Marković emphasised.

Asked to comment on President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović's statement that "Vijesti" and part of the civil sector are behind the current civil protests, Prime Minister Marković said that President Đukanović has an opinion on all sociopolitical issues in Montenegro, as well as on this one.

"It would be really distasteful that I or anyone else interpret his opinion or ask him to elaborate. He did it publicly, I think he did it correctly on a public scene in a reputable place," PM Marković stressed, adding that this shows that there is no hidden agenda.

He said that he noticed that "Vijesti" pay a lot of attention to the protests and that, without intent to criticize, it points to the neglect of the current social, political and economic reality. He pointed to the fact that in Montenegro regular salaries, pensions, social benefits are being paid, motorway is being constructed, and remedial of ecological black spot in Bijela is ongoing. The Prime Minister said he had nothing against protests and called for dialogue with both organizers of civil protests and representatives of the political opposition.

"I am not happy that the protests and the content of the protests get more importance than what is being done in the real political, economic and social life of Montenegro, especially when it comes to the issues that the Government is dedicated to. This is not a criticism, it is your right and freedom, but we also have the right to say what we think about it," PM Marković said.

Asked to comment on the accusations of fugitive businessman Duško Knezević, for whom Interpol red notice was issued, that allegedly the National Security Agency eavesdropped the US Embassy in 2012, Prime Minister Marković said that it was a story for children.

"The Montenegrin Government and the state of Montenegro have a strong partnership with the USA. I would have known that this happened, that the Montenegrin Agency eavesdropped on the US Embassy. It's a story for children," PM Marković emphasised.

He added that the changes in the Agency came at the time of the Government's takeover by Mr. Lukšić who wanted to make personnel changes in the security sector as a whole.
"That's his right. So I cannot connect it with that, and I think it's absolutely untrue," Prime Minister Marković highlighted.