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PM Marković: Government provides EUR 1 million more for Plav

PM Marković: Government provides EUR 1 million more for Plav
Published date: 15.03.2019 15:24 | Author: PR Service

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PR Service PR Service

Plav, Montenegro (15 March 2019) --  The Government of Montenegro has provided a million euros more from the state budget for the municipality of Plav in 2019, Prime Minister Duško Marković stressed at a meeting with the local leadership.

"We came to Plav to change things for the better and to make the citizens feel the benefits of the Government's regional development policy," he noted.

The Prime Minister pointed out the importance of stabilising local public finance, but also pointed to the Government's extensive support through direct budget and investments from the Capital Budget, which is the greatest support since the restoration of Montenegro's independence. Furthermore, he stated that the north could expect significant benefits from the economic citizenship programme, whose funds will be used to build infrastructure in municipalities in the north.

The meeting noted that a number of infrastructure projects worth over EUR 1.5 million are underway, underlining in particular a million euros worth projects for children's playgrounds and sports fields, as well as the reconstruction of the school in the Vojno village.

The meeting also highlighted the importance of the Plav - Dečani and Plav - Bogićevica roads, and the road from Podgorica through Dinoša to Cijevna Zatrijebačka, worth EUR 11 million, which will bring Plav closer to central and southern part of the country.

Both sides underscored the significance of the revitalisation and protection of the Plav Lake, which is of paramount importance for developing Plav's potentials.

President of the Municipality of Plav Mirsad Barjaktarević expressed satisfaction with the Prime Minister's visit and positively assessed the overall contribution of the Prime Minister to the development of the north.

"You are a friend of all of us in local governments and a fighter for the development of the North," said Šefket Jevrić, President of the Municipal Assembly.