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National Security Council: Commitment to fight against grey economy and misuse of state money

National Security Council: Commitment to fight against grey economy and misuse of state money
Published date: 28.12.2018 12:59 | Author: PR Service

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The National Security Council, chaired by its President Duško Marković, held today the 14th session, attended by the Director of the Police Directorate and the Head of the Criminal Police Department.

The Report on the Work of the Bureau for Operational Coordination of the Work of Security Services was adopted and it was noted that the work of the Bureau ensured the improvement of the law enforcement cooperation, which contributed to a higher level of security and safety.

The Council adopted the Information on the implemented activities in the fight against serious and organised crime prepared by the Police Directorate, and welcomed the results of the police, the State Prosecutor's Office and others in countering organised crime and other forms of serious crime.

The session stated that this resulted in arrests and prosecutions of organised crime instigators and members of their groups. In this regard, the Council requested continuation of activities aimed at suppressing all forms of crime.

Furthermore, the Council adopted the Information on the actions of the Police Directorate in the field of fight against trafficking in human beings, emphasising the achieved results. The Council requests that this area ought to be among the priorities in the further work of the Police Directorate, as well as the State Prosecutor's Office.

It was concluded that special emphasis should be placed on suppression of the grey economy and informal work, in order to create the conditions for doing business in a lawful manner and that every euro of the budget revenue goes into state budget.

This will include special control measures not only in the private sector, but also eliminate any irregularities in the spending of state money.