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PM Marković: We will ensure quality of health care according to European standards

PM Marković: We will ensure quality of health care according to European standards
Published date: 25.12.2018 11:21 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (25 December 2018) -- The Government is committed to policies that should ensure that the health care of our patients is at the level of protection provided to citizens of developed European countries, said Prime Minister Duško Marković at the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, putting into operation a new linear accelerator worth EUR 2.6 million.

"Our goal is for citizens in Montenegro to receive protection according to the standards of modern health centres," the Prime Minister noted.

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Pointing out that the new accelerator will improve the treatment of patients requiring radiotherapy, PM Marković said he is assured that with this modern device and the existing one of 2010, the most sensitive category of patients will be provided with treatment within 30 days: "This is the level of health services that would appeal to many countries in the region and beyond."

The Prime Minister stated that waiting lists for radiation therapy are the shortest in the region, but that the fact that in Montenegro every year about three thousand people suffer from malignant diseases pushes for an even stronger action.

"That is why I take this opportunity to announce that the Government has planned to purchase another linear accelerator as early as next year. I also recall that only last year we collected about EUR 12 million for the procurement of medical equipment, of which almost seven million were allocated to the Clinical Centre," the Prime Minister underlined.

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Reiterating that in the past eight years, the State has secured that 48 thousand citizens are treated abroad, for which EUR 76.5 million have been allocated, he stressed that the Government is determined to strengthen our human and spatial capacities in order to make smaller number of citizens to do their treatment outside Montenegro.

"This is an expression of huge responsibility towards our citizens, but at the same time an obligation to reverse things for the benefit of our healthcare institutions and a better standard of doctors and employees in them. Because our doctors can do this equally successfully and in Montenegro we only need to provide them with appropriate conditions," the Prime Minister stressed, adding that this year, compared with the indicators from the beginning of the decade, the number of patients sent abroad has been almost halved.

Noting that the health system has matured with the State, Prime Minister Marković emphasised that he is pleased to be with those who have the opportunity to daily protect and contribute to the health of every individual, which is of invaluable value.

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"In the battle with malignant monsters, there is no technology that can replace a man. That is why your professional ethics and knowledge gives credibility to the health system as a whole," he underscored.

Further improvement and investment in personnel capacities, he stressed, must remain an imperative for the Ministry of Health. He recalled that in the past two years, the Government has provided money for 150 new specialisations and 20 subspecialisations, with a parallel increase in the number of doctors per 1000 inhabitants to 3.3 in 2018, compared to 3.4 on average in the EU.

"Therefore, strengthening the internal capacities of the healthcare system will enable us to redirect funds intended for the treatment of citizens abroad to improve the standards of employees through increasing salaries and working conditions. And already in early 2019, about 160 of your colleagues and their families will solve their housing issues," said PM Marković.

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It is certain that everything we have done will be an introduction to an even better quality and better health system in the service of citizen, the Prime Minister concluded.