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PM Marković opens Terminal 2 at Tivat Airport: This is example of cooperation with Government, development opportunities should not be waited

PM Marković opens Terminal 2 at Tivat Airport: This is example of cooperation with Government, development opportunities should not be waited
Published date: 24.12.2018 19:48 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković officially opened the newly-built Terminal 2 of the Tivat Airport – the first investment after the current airport building was built in 2006. The Prime Minister said that the cooperation between the Government and the Management of the Airports of Montenegro is an example that should be followed by others in our country.

"The investment that begins its test work today is an urgent and indispensable response to the serious infrastructure congestion of the Tivat airport that came as a result of intensive tourism growth, and an increase in the number of passengers coming to Montenegro. It is this kind of attitude towards state goods that I want to see as the practice and action of responsible people. Notice the problem, make a decision and implement it. The Government will – just like in this, and in any other case – stand behind such an approach," the Prime Minister stressed.

PM Marković noted that the Airport Managaement proposed to the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs and to the Government to build additional facilities in Tivat and Podgorica, which in the short term can provide basic comfort for passengers, as well as functionality of airport services, especially during the tourist season.

"The Government accepted this and around EUR 3.5 million was invested in this facility, and for the facility that will be built in Podgorica, the Airports will need to allocate another EUR 2 million with the consent of the Government," Prime Minister Duško Marković said.

The first expansion since 2006

Executive Director of the Airports of Montenegro Danilo Orlandić reminded the current terminal building was built in 2006.

"Twelve years later, Montenegro is a stable country, recognised and respected throughout the world and a member of NATO. That is why many renowned airlines have decided to travel to our country, the last of which is Lufthansa. New capacities and improved conditions at Tivat Airport were the key point of the final agreement with the most important European company and the seventh at the global level, which will connect Montenegro from April to Frankfurt and Munich, its main hubs. For the last two years, Montenegro was linked with 30 new destinations, the number of served passengers has increased by 600,000 and it was about time to increase our capacities," the Executive Director of the Airports of Montenegro highlighted.

Terminal 2 - energy efficient among the first in the region

Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - the organisation that took part in the project - Miodrag Dragišić, said that Terminal 2 was built in accordance with the principles of energy efficiency: from facade materials and insulation, through modern equipment, modern air conditioning systems and ventilation, to lighting.

"This will contribute not only to the comfort of passengers and staff, but also to the significant financial savings and environmental protection. It is extremely important that next year, the energy management system will be established as part of the carbon accreditation process of the Airports of Montenegro. This will make the business more acceptable in terms of climate change, and the Airports of Montenegro will be among the first in the region that recognised the importance of this international certificate," the UNDP representative said.

Montenegro is the investment destination

Speaking about the advantages that will be achieved by investments in the Airports of Montenegro, Prime Minister Duško Marković said that the connection of our country with the European metropolises, in addition to further improving the availability of Montenegro as a tourist destination, ensures better connection with our citizens who have gone abroad to work or to be educated.

"The direct lines to Vienna, Rome, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Istanbul, Moscow, Zurich and Stockholm are important for maintaining connections with them," the Prime Minister said.

He recalled that over the past years a lot has been done to ensure that air transport is not just a privilege of rich people.

"We are proud to announce the beginning of Lufthansa lines to our airports, but nothing less important is the availability of many cheap flights to the cities of the Western Europe. Our European integration is based and evolves on mobility, freedom of movement and economic exchange. That's why our airports are inevitable on this road too. The need for accelerated economic development of the country implies the development of our total infrastructure, and one of the first tasks is the development and full valorisation of the airports. Development opportunities should not be waited, nor do the chances happen again. Success in air transport must not disguise the challenges in other segments of transport. Especially when it comes to the rather burdened infrastructure of the Bay of Kotor, where a lot of work is waiting for us," PM Marković emphasised.

The Prime Minister recalled the last week's announcement that the rate of economic growth in the third quarter of this year amounts to a full 5%, and is the third highest growth rate in Europe.

"The growth rates of our economy in the past two years and the permanent growth of the number of tourists and passengers clearly tell us that Montenegro is a destination in which people willingly come and invest, and even more will be invested," Prime Minister Marković concluded.

The new 3,000 m² terminal contains six counters for checking passengers, two checkers, a modern sorting service for luggage servicing and a room for representatives of airlines, police, customs, etc.


PHOTO: Prime Minister Duško Marković opened the newly-built Terminal 2 of the Tivat Airport

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