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PM Marković to Diaspora: Unbreakable bond between homeland and diaspora, Govt is ambitiously working on State's development and existential security of citizens and their families

PM Marković to Diaspora: Unbreakable bond between homeland and diaspora, Govt is ambitiously working on State
Published date: 23.12.2018 10:00 | Author: PR Service

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PR ServiceThe Government of Montenegro will continue to implement ambitious but realistic development policies, and the north of the country will be a place where existential security would be provided to young people especially and their families, Prime Minister Duško Marković said in a letter to the Foundation "Gusinje" that organised a donor event last night.

Welcoming the joint commitment to continue the unbreakable bond of homeland and the Diaspora, the Prime Minister thanked for a successful and warm meeting and reception during his visit to New York in September.

"I listened to you carefully and heard the most important needs of you and your families in the regions you come from. As you know, some of the promises that I have given on that occasion have already been fulfilled," the Prime Minister's letter reads.

The Prime Minister noted that he believes that the Diaspora representatives are further encouraged to support the development of their homeland and their country.

"These are joint efforts. A lot of work is being done in our Montenegro. Today, it is not the same Montenegro you left. It is European and Euro-Atlantic country and as always a home for all its citizens," the Prime Minister noted.

The results achieved, he said, give us the right to be optimistic, even confident: "The North of Montenegro, from which most people in our diaspora come, will be the place where our people, especially young people, and their families will have existential security".

PM Marković emphasised that any support the Diaspora express to its country is important.

"On the other hand, I know how valuable the attention of the homeland is toward you who are far away," the Prime Minister said in a letter.

The letter also states that the Prime Minister wished success in achieving common goals and congratulated the upcoming holidays.

PHOTO: Meeting of the Prime Minister with representatives of the Foundation "Gusinje", New York, 27 September 2018