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PM Markovic, Ambassador Reinke: Partnership with United States is permanent, Montenegro is source of stability in region

PM Markovic, Ambassador Reinke: Partnership with United States is permanent, Montenegro is source of stability in region
Published date: 21.12.2018 17:22 | Author: PR Service

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PR ServicePodgorica, Montenegro (21 December 2018) -- Montenegro is a source of peace and stability in the region, and partnership and friendship with the United States is permanent and value-based, Prime Minister Duško Marković's meeting with newly-appointed US ambassador Judy Rising Reinke stressed.

"Our extraordinary bilateral relations, confirmed many times so far through significant events for both countries, can now be enriched by strong economic cooperation," said PM Marković, highlighting that Montenegro is now a free, democratic state, a NATO member and a stable country progressing on the path of EU accession.

The Prime Minister said that Montenegro has been implementing a strong economic agenda, experiencing intensive development and achieving economic growth, which is among the highest in Europe.

Noting that he sees commitment to building and strengthening institutions, Ambassador Reinke said that she wants to dedicate her mandate to strengthening partnership within NATO, but also to strengthening economic cooperation, especially in the area of ​​entrepreneurship and SMEs.

"Montenegro is a destination in which it is safe to invest and which can provide profit to the investor, but also a better living standards for our citizens," Prime Minister Marković stated.

Both sides agreed that it is important to further improve the environment for entrepreneurship and investment, including the legislative system, in order to ensure full competitiveness and equal opportunities for all.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Montenegro is finalising the development of the Smart Specialisation Strategy in order to best recognise and exploit its potentials, and that in the coming period, strong incentives will be given to medium and small enterprises, entrepreneurs and start up companies.

Pointing out the Government's commitment to the balanced development of the country, the Prime Minister praised the US Embassy's "Peace Corps" programme, which envisages the arrival of a group of American volunteers who will teach English to children from primary and secondary schools, mainly in the north of the country.