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PM Marković responds to journalists' questions: Milić needs to remain within reach of judicial authorities; relations between Montenegro and Serbia will not be undermined

PM Marković responds to journalists
Published date: 27.11.2018 17:50 | Author: PR Service

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PHOTO: Q&A following the Prime Minister's Questions

Prime Minister Duško Marković said that the case of Branka Milić, accused of attempting a terrorist attack on the day of parliamentary elections on 16 October 2016, will not undermine relations between Montenegro and Serbia.

Responding to journalists' questions in the Parliament of Montenegro following the Prime Minister's Questions, PM Marković said that Milić had requested refuge in the Embassy of Serbia and that they did not expect that.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called the Ambassador and set a deadline of a few days to give explanation. What I expect, what the judiciary in Montenegro expects is that Milić remains within reach of judicial authorities in order to continue the process," the Prime Minister said, adding that there are procedures to resolve this issue under international standards and agreements between the two countries.

The resolution will not cause new divisions in Montenegro

Responding to the question whether he expected that the adoption of the Resolution on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Podgorica Assembly in the Parliament of Montenegro would contribute to reconciliation and better situation in the country, the Prime Minister said that the Resolution would not produce new divisions in Montenegro.

"It will create an opportunity for everyone in Montenegro to say what they think about that date and that event," PM Marković emphasised.

The State stands behind its solution to the church on Rumija

Responding to a question about the church on Rumija, Prime Minister Marković said that the proceeding is pending.

"In any case, the State stands behind its solution," the Prime Minister said.

Tara is not endangered

The Prime Minister also answered questions about Tara and the construction of bridges on the first section of the motorway.

He pointed out that the works will not endanger Tara, and that there is no chance that UNESCO will deal with this issue. He added that every autumn and spring Tara meanders several tens of meters, and that the Government, through its numerous activities, made coastal fortifications and saved houses and estates in Kolašin and Mojkovac.

PM Marković said that the highway will bring new value to Montenegro, more comfort for its citizens and more chances for our economy.

22 million euros for remediation in the Bay of Kotor

Speaking about the Government's attitude towards the environment, PM Marković said that the process of remediation in the Bay of Kotor is ongoing on the site of the former Bijela Shipyard where we have 150 tons of grit, of which 50 tons of contaminated material.

"The State is investing EUR 22 million to clean the seabed and send a message that we are dealing with the environment in the right way, without campaigns and hidden agendas and defending wider economic and other interests," PM Marković highlighted.