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PM Marković: Participants in gray market take from citizens, we need to identify them

PM Marković: Participants in gray market take from citizens, we need to identify them
Published date: 27.11.2018 15:19 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (27 November 2018) -- "Since the beginning of the year, excise goods in the amount of close to 4.4 million euros (€ 4,395,557.34) have been seized, of which the largest part, about 4,1 million (€ 4,113,122.63 ) relates to cigarettes. This is a joint result of the Police and the Customs Administration, but also the State Prosecutor's Office," said Prime Minister Duško Marković at the Prime Minister's Questions session.

He noted that, through joint and increased controls of the Inspections Directorate, Department of Public Revenues and the Customs Administration, over 4 million euros in fines (€ 4,289,544) have been imposed, 12,450 misdemeanour orders have been issued, and that the goods worth almost 250 000 (€ 247,935.06) have been put out of traffic.

"Also, monitoring of issued work permits for foreigners has been established, so the percentage of foreigners registered for compulsory social insurance, according to the Department of Public Revenues data, grew to 79% in the tourist season," the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that, when it comes to tourism, the focus was on controlling tourists' registration and the issuing of accommodation capacities through the internet platform. 

The Prime Minister recalled that informal economy is a problem that exists throughout the world and that the most advanced societies are tackling it. 

"According to the IMF report for 158 countries, the average share of the gray economy in the gross domestic product is 31.9%," the Prime Minister said.

In particular, the Prime Minister pointed to the need to change awareness about taking from the State.

"Everything I said will not be enough if we do not eradicate the decades-long awareness that we should only take from the State. We need to ask ourselves once again what kind of money we use to finance development projects, capital infrastructure, construction of hospitals and schools. We need to awaken our consciousness and to identify anyone who jeopardises the State and the interests of our citizens. I believe that the data reported speak volume about the message sent by the Government: There is no, and there will be neither indulgence nor selectivity! And no one should deceive, or encourage the avoidance of regulations, bad examples that still persist despite the intense activities of the competent authorities," Prime Minister Duško Marković concluded.