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PM Markovic: In first half of 2018, direct investments from NATO countries more than doubled

PM Markovic: In first half of 2018, direct investments from NATO countries more than doubled
Published date: 27.11.2018 13:10 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (27 November 2018) -- Preliminary data show that direct foreign investments from NATO member countries in Montenegro in the first six months of this year increased by 118.8% (or 273 million euros) compared to the same period last year, which is more than double, while the number of tourists from the member countries that visited Montenegro was 25% higher (or 130,000 more guests out of the total 650,000), Prime Minister Duško Marković said at today's Prime Minister's Question session at the Parliament of Montenegro.

"These data best testify to the fact that our expectations were justified and confirm the that our partnership with the most powerful countries is the best guarantee for a safe business and investment environment," stressed the Prime Minister.

PM Marković said that despite the strong growth of investments from these countries, Montenegro expects economic effects in the longer term with even greater investments, not only from NATO member countries, but also from other countries that seek safe destination for their capital.

"After all, we are witnessing the everyday interest of renowned global companies in investing in the fields of tourism, energy, agriculture and other developmental industries. Also, the effects of NATO membership can be measured by improving the international rating with international financial institutions and investment funds, which could indirectly influence the achievement of more favourable conditions for taking loans on the international financial market. Because of all this, two months ago Moody’s improved the prospects of the Montenegrin economy from stable to positive," PM Duško Marković pointed out.

He said that NATO membership is a great opportunity for Montenegro's economy.

"I will remind you that by assigning the NATO code, the Montenegrin business have the opportunity to place their products and services on the market of member states, and to be suppliers for NATO needs. At NATO tenders, 80% are won by small and medium enterprises. This is an excellent opportunity for the Montenegrin companies to become part of the global market. At the request of the economy, 177 NATO codes have been assigned so far, which means that the Montenegrin products can already participate in tenders for supplying the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. These include codes for the military industry such as the weapons manufacturing, but also fast consuming goods and food products. For the time being, military industry, agriculture, agencies providing ports and freight forwarding services, organisers of congress tourism, software companies have derived most benefit from this process. I will mention only some of the producers who have had this chance: Tara from Mojkovac, Plantaže, Franca-Mesopromet, Poliex, Martex, and many others. Our economy needs experts and employment and internships opportunities in the structures and specialised agencies of the Alliance. Our young students are able to further improve their knowledge through programmes in different fields, and then to deply acquired knowledge and skills in Montenegro. All I have said confirms that precisely our commitment to NATO membership, in addition to the primary political significance, has had positive economic impact, which we rightly expect to be even stronger in the coming period"- concluded Prime Minister Duško Marković at the Parliament.