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PM Marković sends letter to Metropolitan Amfilohije: The way you are dividing Montenegro undermines foundations and sense of our coexistenceare

PM Marković sends letter to Metropolitan Amfilohije: The way you are dividing Montenegro undermines foundations and sense of our coexistenceare
Published date: 05.11.2018 13:46 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (5 November 2018) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković told the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral of the Serbian Orthodox Church Amfilohije Radović that the fact that there is no valid planning document for the Rumija mountain’s peak means that there cannot be any constructions or interventions done in that area, adding that the way in which Metropolitan Amfilohije is dividing Montenegro, thus undermining the foundations and the sense of the Montenegrin cultural, multi-ethnic and religious coexistence, is more frightening that whether the tin structure will stay on the mountain's top or not.

"Although I suspected that the Orthodox Metropolitan and the Prime Minister could find a different format for discussion, I must admit that I am very pleased that you have made the letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Montenegro available to the general public. In this way, everyone who is interested in the topic you are dealing with in your letter could be convinced how much your arguments supporting the illegal construction on Rumija are not actually in your favour. I will remind you - the fact that "there is no valid planning documents" for the location you are referring to means that there cannot be any constructions or interventions done in that area. In other words, it cannot mean what you are assuming - that in such places we could all build whatever comes to our mind, had it been just a "tiny church" on Rumija, as you describe it," Prime Minister Duško Marković stresses in his letter to Metropolitan Amfilohije.

The Prime Minister urged the Metropolitan not to be misled by inaccurate interpretations of the law.

"Since my duty is to take care of the earthly, and yours of God's laws in Montenegro - I would like to assure you that legal regulations will be fully respected in relation to the illegal construction on Rumija. In God I hope (I guess you will understand me better), that you will also oppose the disrespect of laws and state institutions in Montenegro, even if such ideas and actions come from your closest neighbourhood. Therefore, let me use the message from your letter: Please do not let yourself be misled by false propaganda and incorrect interpretations of the legal regulations by your ignorant and unreasonable associates, burdened with prejudices of various kinds, and most of all by ignorance and hatred," the Prime Minister notes.

Prime Minister Marković states in his letter that he would like to use the opportunity to point to another important aspect of the whole case, in addition to the legal one.

"In addition to historical illogicality and absence of facts presented in your letter, I am even more concerned about your persistent endeavours to divide instead of bringing together. Unfortunately, not only when it comes to overcoming divisions in the Orthodox being of Montenegro - because you do not seem to think whether you, as a responsible shepherd, can do something to bring the Orthodox people in Montenegro together. This time, you allowed yourself to divide the Albanians into suitable and unsuitable ones, to those who are welcome to Rumija and those who are not, into the Albanians of Enver Hoxha and the Albanians of Skenderbeg ... Do not do it, Metropolitan! In this way you are undermining the foundations and the sense of the Montenegrin coexistence - cultural, multi-ethnic, and religious, the foundations on which Montenegro survived, and which makes it recognisable in today’s world. Do not touch this, perhaps the highest Montenegrin value. The very lightness and persistence with which you have been dividing Montenegro for almost three decades now, instead of bringing together, is more frightening to me that whether the tin structure you call a church will stay on Rumija or not. As I have already said, it would remain - if allowed by law, it would not - if not allowed by law. And there is no other way of dealing with the whole thing!" Prime Minister Duško Marković stated.

He also reminded Metropolitan Amfilohije that he has repeatedly sent him good-hearted messages in order to find solutions to all out-standing issues in partnership with the Government.

"I asked you, quoting a wise proverb from the Book of the Prophet Amos: Can two people walk together without agreeing to meet? My personal and professional environment, which includes educated and people of faith, cannot believe that you have not responded to such my calls. But nevertheless, I am doing that again - believing that by using wisdom, patience and perseverance of reality, we can jointly contribute to the Orthodox and overall cohesion in our only homeland. I would be honestly delighted if you devoted yourself to this goal," Prime Minister Duško Marković's letter to the Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović concludes.