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PM Marković: Anyone who openly writes about problems in society should be considered as partner in joint task to make state better and more prosperous

PM Marković: Anyone who openly writes about problems in society should be considered as partner in joint task to make state better and more prosperous
Published date: 24.10.2018 16:20 | Author: PR Service

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PHOTO: Prime Minister's Questions

Podgorica, Montenegro (24 October 2018) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković responded to a question by Goran Danilović, MP, about the attacks on journalist, saying that every attack must be solved.

Commenting on two cases that Danilović stressed – the case of the murder of Duško Jovanović and the attack on Olivera Lakić, the Prime Minister stated that one person was convicted in the case of the murder of Duško Jovanović, and the police continue to undertake actions aimed at finding other perpetrators and possible instigators. When it comes to the attack on Olivera Lakić, as the public was informed, all the measures and actions prescribed by law, including special investigative methods, were taken, and complete case files were handed over to FBI officials and the US Department of Justice for analysis and provision of international police support.

Although you insist, it is unprofessional and contrary to the rules of investigative procedures to reveal any other information, especially those that are within the scope of the work of the State Prosecutor's Office and to endanger the process that is on the right track. If someone at this stage of the investigation can reveal more details about the new information and evidence, it is exclusively the competent Prosecutor's Office, and in no case – the Prime Minister, PM Marković said.

Stressing that these issues are not only in the public's focus, as it is repeated, but also under the full attention of the competent institutions, the Prime Minister said:

I also want to be clear to both the MPs and every citizen – do not seek the results and responsibility for clarifying the crimes at one address only – the Prime Minister's or the Government's address. By the Constitution and the law, all powers and responsibilities are given to the State Prosecutor's Office, which conducts an investigation or proceeding from the beginning until the judgment, noting that the Government almost every day informs the Parliament and the citizen about its work.

As he pointed out, the Government has done a lot in the field of safety of journalists and creating a free environment for work with a clear goal of creating a media scene that will make a substantial contribution to the development of Montenegrin society.

Let's put an end to the alleged, i.e. fabricated intolerance of the Government and certain media or individuals. Anyone who openly writes about problems in Montenegrin society, who points out the mistakes in the work of state authorities, who revelas the truth, regardless of how unpleasant it is to someone – should be considered as a partner in a joint task to make the state better and more prosperous, Prime Minister Marković said.

Everyone in this country needs to wake up, we all have to think differently about the problems we have, regardless of the role or position, we all have equal responsibility to make this country the best according to our expectations and aspirations."

He also emphasised that cooperation of the authorities is needed to Montenegro in order to ensure, among other things, the safety of citizens and locating members of organised criminal groups.


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