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PM Marković: Government is obligated to enforce Constitutional Court's decisions, which was done in case of Law on settlement of obligations to former KAP workers

PM Marković: Government is obligated to enforce Constitutional Court
Published date: 24.10.2018 14:10 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (24 October 2018) -- During today's Prime Minister's Questions in the Parliament of Montenegro, Prime Minister Duško Marković responded to the question by Janko Vučinić, MP, regarding the Law on settlement of obligations towards former workers of the Aluminum Plant Podgorica (KAP), stressing that in the first days of the mandates of the 41st Government, he talked with the representatives of the pensioners of KAP, convinced that they will jointly reach an agreement on the implementation of this law. At the time, around EUR 5.5 million was allocated for this purpose in the Budget.

The Prime Minister explained that, recognising that the law passed by an ad hoc Parliament's majority in 2015 had certain legal shortcomings, and that as such it is unprincipled and insufficient in terms of fiscal sustainability, he proposed at a meeting to establish a working group that will make the law applicable in practice.

The working group was set up three days following the meeting - on 29 December 2016, and two representatives of former KAP workers took part, but did not accept the proposed amendments to the Law.

"Therefore, the need for further dialogue with the Government has been unilaterally terminated, so the issue had to be resolved at the Constitutional Court, which, by its decision of 27 March 2018, declared the law unconstitutional," said the Prime Minister.

He pointed out that it is the constitutional obligation of the Government to enforce the decisions of the Constitutional Court, which was done in this case as well.