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PM Marković: We are developing infrastructure to boost economy, create new jobs

PM Marković: We are developing infrastructure to boost economy, create new jobs
Published date: 10.10.2018 14:37 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (10 October 2018) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković visited earlier today the completed section of the new road from Podgorica to Golubovci, funded by the Government and the Capital City of Podgorica, and on that occasion noted that the Government and the Capital City have invested more than EUR 100 million in development infrastructure projects over the past three years and that it was agreed to invest further EUR 200 million in the time to come.

"In this way, we are improving the infrastructure of the Capital City, which will further expand the overall development potential, but also enable better conditions for the life of citizens of Golubovci. Now it will take about ten minutes to get to the city centre. People will easily come to their homes and estates. We are developing the infrastructure to create better living conditions, improve our economy, create new jobs and make our life more comfortable," said the Prime Minister.

He underlined that at tomorrow's session the Government will verify the agreement with the Capital City on financing two capital projects that are starting this year, namely the waste water treatment system, whose financing is taken over by the Capital City, and the Southwest Bypass, which will be financed entirely by the Government.

"We are planning to undertake new ventures and initiate new investment development," Prime Minister Duško Marković pointed out.

Mayor of the Capital City Ivan Vuković thanked the Government for supporting infrastructure projects and said that he will hold a pre-election promise that by the end of his mandate it will be possible to arrive to Podgorica from all directions using modern roads.

"After today's opening of this section of the road - we are a step closer to that goal and we are not stopping here. Podgorica today is a big construction site," the Mayor of Podgorica stated.

The completed section from the roundabout at the turn for Podgorica Airport to the Bypass Golubovci roundabout is 2.6 km long. The works, worth EUR 4.7 million (4,696,396.33), started in January and ended in October. The road has four lanes 3.5 m wide, respectively, and bikeways and footways on both sides.