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Prime Minister on results of Montenegro's economy: We are accomplishing what we announced - high growth rates mean new jobs, better standard of living

Prime Minister on results of Montenegro
Published date: 29.09.2018 16:35 | Author: PR Service

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New York, the USA (29 September 2018) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković said that according to the data published yesterday, the Montenegrin economy grew by 4.9% in the second quarter of 2018, which is the highest growth rate in the region and among the highest in Europe. This conforms the Government's credibility and commitment to the economy growth, job creation and a better standard of living.

"It gives me great pleasure to hear this news. A 4.9% growth of our economy in the second quarter is among the highest growth rates in Europe. I think that only Ireland, Malta, Poland and Moldova at this moment have higher rates of growth. The growth rate is the highest in the region. It confirms the credibility of our policy, the determination of this Government and our commitment to the economy, its growth, job creation and a better standard of living. The growth rate of 4.9% and its structure shows that there are positive developments in the economy, in all sectors," the Prime Minister underlined in New York answering a question by the national broadcaster RTCG at the end of the session of the United Nations General Assembly.

PM Marković stressed that the results show growth in several areas, namely agriculture - at a rate of 8.8%, industrial production - at a rate above 25%, construction industry above 35%, trade at a 4.4% rate, and tourism – at a rate of 13.6%.

"What particularly delighted me is the fact that we had larger exports than imports. Therefore, we are accomplishing what we have announced to the citizens: that our economy will grow at an accelerated rate, that these growth rates will be sustainable, that they will undoubtedly lead to new jobs creation, and, quite sure, in due course, and to a better standard of living," the Prime Minister concluded.