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PM Marković awarded with "Golden Medal" for contribution to restoration of Montenegro's independence

PM Marković awarded with "Golden Medal" for contribution to restoration of Montenegro
Published date: 28.09.2018 11:59 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (28 September 2018) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković was awarded with the "Golden Medal" and the statue "Il volto della poesia" for his contribution to the Montenegrin independence and the strengthening and promotion of the identity and culture of Montenegro. In the absence of Prime Minister Marković, Ion Deaconescu PhD.,President of Mihai Eminescu International Academy, handed the award to the Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović.

On this occasion, Minister Bogdanović met with the organisers and participants of the World Festival of Poetry "Eminescu – Njegoš," whose first edition was opened in Podgorica last night. The meeting was attended by Advisor to the Prime Minister Salko Luboder and academician Sreten Perović

Advisor to the Prime Minister Luboder conveyed the greetings of the Prime Minister and thanked this year's participants who "enriched the spiritual space of Montenegro" with their art and poetry.

Minister Bogdanović pointed out that it is a great honour and pleasure to speak and participate in the opening of the first edition of this important festival. 

"We are convinced that the first edition will meet the expectations with its quality and that the festival dedicated to the two most important poets of our two countries will contribute to the promotion of poetry," said Minister Bogdanović.

President of the Mihai Eminescu International Academy extended his thanks to the Montenegrin institutions for supporting the Eminescu - Njegoš Festival of Poetry, hopeful that this festival will not be just an incident, but a traditional event that will gather lovers of the written word from all over the world.