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Prime Minister Marković takes part in Bloomberg Global Business Forum

Prime Minister Marković takes part in Bloomberg Global Business Forum
Published date: 26.09.2018 23:36 | Author: PR Service

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Služba za odnose s javnošćuSlužba za odnose s javnošću

New York, the USA (26 September 2018) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković took part earlier today in New York in the work of the Bloomberg Global Business Forum - an event that brings together significant and influential global figures from the world of politics and business.

The forum was opened by American businessman, politician and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg, who is considered to be the eleventh wealthiest person in the world.

Current and former political leaders of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Italy, Norway, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Switzerland, the European Union and others, as well as representatives of several international organisations and multinational companies, spoke about current challenges in the fields of world economy and politics.

The focus of this year's forum are rapid changes in all areas that are taking place with the growth of the world's population, inequalities in wealth and the challenges of climate change. The discussion focused on finding solutions to achieving prosperity and ensuring sustainable economic development. In that regard, the establishment of a partnership between governments and the business community has been recognised as a factor of key importance for achieving common goals that will determine the next phase of the global economy.

Political and business leaders confirmed the forum's commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and encouraged private-public partnerships that should contribute to achieving this goal.

The forum was an opportunity for numerous Prime Minister Marković's informal talks with participants of the conference - influential figures from world's politics and business.