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PM Marković at Nelson Mandela Peace Summit: Recalling its first sending of troops to peacekeeping mission in 1897, Montenegro confirms its commitment to contributing to world peace

PM Marković at Nelson Mandela Peace Summit: Recalling its first sending of troops to peacekeeping mission in 1897, Montenegro confirms its commitment to contributing to world peace
Published date: 24.09.2018 23:16 | Author: PR Service

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New York, the USA (24 September 2018) -- Montenegro confirms its commitment to continuously contributing to world peace and equality among people, Prime Minister Duško Marković stressed earlier today addressing the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, which took place on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Nobel laureate in the General Assembly of the United Nations.

"During the disintegration of Yugoslavia, despite all the challenges and conflicts in its surrounding environment, Montenegro preserved internal stability and opened its borders for hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced persons, which was a natural choice for our country, a multicultural and multiethnic tolerant environment. We restored independence exactly one hundred and nine years after our first world peace mission. It is my great honour to have the opportunity to remind you today at the summit named after Nelson Mandela that the Montenegrin soldiers were sent to Crete to, as it was then said, "mediate and reconcile the Cretan Greeks and the Turks." The Montenegrin troops left our prehistoric Cetinje on 11 January 1897 to pave the way for  the blue helmets of the United Nations, and seventy soldiers, eight non-commissioned officers and two Montenegrin army officers made their country proud for centuries. I am making this reminder primarily to give credit to all those brave women and men who under the blue flags of the UN today risk their lives to help others and contribute to the preservation of the values ​ we advocate for on East River to ensure peace in every corner of the global map," Prime Minister Duško Marković highlighted at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit in New York.

He stressed that the former president of South Africa is a true hero of modern times and a man who, in times of the most difficult challenges after the World War II, found strengths and wisdom to make the modern world a better place.

"By preserving the memory of the fearless spirit of Nelson Mandela, the unique symbol of the struggle against apartheid and discrimination, the human race and this institution in which we are today remain committed to creating the future on the foundations he set up with his dedicated struggle that began as a merciless battle for liberation and prosperity of South Africa, and ended with the victory of the new world based on the fundamental values ​​of progress of the entire human race. It is precisely on these principles that we must base our own aspirations to make today's world a better place for everyone. Challenges of the present are compounded by rising populism and lead to the division of modern societies that can shake up security and peace and their overall progress. I believe that only a strong joint response, further commitment to strengthening multilateralism, as synonyms for an agreement among people and nations and symbols of universal solidarity, can guarantee this progress. To achieve this goal, we absolutely need effective and efficient United Nations, which, by promoting the sacred values ​​of peace, justice, human rights and equality, represents a stable anchour to all our individual hopes and aspirations. Based on the inheritance left by Nelson Mandela, we can make this "diversity globe" a sustainable and healthy living space in the long run, in which powerful economies will be developed, the environment will be protected and the conditions will be ensured for the fruitful future of the generations to come. 

Prime Minister Duško Marković underlined that there are no better guidelines than the ideals of the great Nelson Mandela, concluding his speech by reminding the conference participants that, as an expression of deepest respect for the legacy of Nelson Mandela, children in schools throughout Montenegro paid special tribute after his death and that Nelson Mandela will forever remain an inspiration for present and future generations throughout the world.