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PM Marković at Concordia Summit: We have ambition to become most developed country and most prestigious destination in North Mediterranean

PM Marković at Concordia Summit: We have ambition to become most developed country and most prestigious destination in North Mediterranean
Published date: 24.09.2018 20:46 | Author: PR Service

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New York, the USA (24 September) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković took part in the Concordia Summit in New York today in a panel called "Supporting Economic Resilience of Small Islands and Developing Countries Through Economic Citizenship." On that occasion, Prime Minister Marković said that he is grateful for the invitation to participate in this prestigious gathering and speak about Montenegro's development visions and plans to turn them into reality.

As he pointed out, Montenegro has had a state-generated history for more than a thousand years. Due to a number of different political circumstances, it lost its statehood in 1918 and restored it in 2006.

"Today we are a European and a Euro-Atlantic country. We have the ambition to become the most developed country and the most prestigious destination in the North Mediterranean. Last year we became a full member of NATO and we have been negotiating with the European Union on membership for six years now. Therefore, our vision of a European and Euro-Atlantic country is being realised. But we want to make our country rich, make it a more developed country where we live happier and more satisfied lives."

Speaking about the programme of economic citizenship, the Prime Minister stated that Montenegro has experienced one of the highest growth rates in Europe for the second year in a row, while the share of tourism in GDP is over 22%.

"By introducing the programme of economic citizenship, we want to position Montenegro as the most prestigious tourist destination in the North Mediterranean. We want to transform our resources, with private money, into the potential for the country. We want to focus public money and state funds on strengthening our financial potential and stability. Thus, economic citizenship programme will help invest in projects that have started, develop our infrastructure, thus creating new jobs and making our beautiful country accessible to wealthy citizens from all around the world. They are present in Montenegro at the moment. But we want them to stay in Montenegro and bring some new ones with them," said Prime Minister Marković, hopeful that the model of economic citizenship will be promoted and available to all who want to start and develop their business and live in Montenegro in October or at the latest by mid-November.
Commenting on the symbolism of the meeting with US President Donald Tramp at the NATO summit and a famous film about James Bond, the Prime Minister pointed out that when the film was made nobody could have imagined that Montenegro woud live today with real life from that film.

"Also, ten years ago, a few people could think that Montenegro would sit around the same political table with the largest countries of the world on an equal basis," PM Marković noted.

He concluded by saying that in Montenegro there are prestigious hotels operating such as: Aman, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Chedi, Regent, the richest people visit the country and the most famous magazines and portals rank it among the most prestigious destination in the world.