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PM Marković wishes happy Montenegro's Miner's Day: You are pillar of economy and energy stability of Montenegro, your honourable profession deserves deepest respect

PM Marković wishes happy Montenegro
Published date: 23.09.2018 09:00 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković congratulated the Montenegrin miners the Day of Miners.

"The Miners' day is always an opportunity to remember that mining is one of the hardest and most risky professions, but at the same time it is an honourable profession that arouses deepest respect of the society and the community. The Montenegrin miners are pillars of economy and energy stability of our country" – the Prime Minister's congratulatory message reads.
Prime Minister Duško Marković told the miners that the Government, in partnership with investors, implements development policies and the best models of using natural resources of Montenegro.

"We are doing everything to make the miners' work environment safer and more favourable. Precisely the commitment towards sustainable development directs goals of our economic growth towards raising the quality of life of every citizen and family, to which we are strongly committed" – Prime Minister Duško Marković said.