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PM Marković: Measures to advance health system introduced, further improvements are necessary

PM Marković: Measures to advance health system introduced, further improvements are necessary
Published date: 02.03.2018 15:25 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (2 March 2018) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković hosted earlier today representatives of the Ministry of Health, headed by Minister Kenan Hrapović, who requested a meeting to present to the Prime Minister the results achieved over the past fifteen months.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health informed the Prime Minister about the system for the implementation of a new list of medicines and electronic recipes, which, in accordance with the plan, has been functional since 1 March 2018.

The Prime Minister was pleased to note the progress of the healthcare system, stressing that this fact was registered outside the country's borders as well: Montenegro moved up 9 places on the European Health Consumer Index (EHCI) ranking, which is the greatest improvement in relation to other ranked countries and Motenegro’s better ranking according to the Lancet Index that measures the quality and availability of health services where Montenegro with 81 points ranks 36th out of 195 countries and is ahead of all the countries in the region except Croatia.

Prime Minister Marković emphasised that the accessibility and quality of health care are crucial for a better quality of life of citizens, pointing out the need to continuously improve the quality of health services.

The meeting also discussed the continuation of the reform of the health care system, the training of specialists and subspecialists from the hospitals and the Clinical Center of Montenegro in prominent health institutions in the region, for which funds in the budget have already been allocated.

Fifty-four Montefarm pharmacies and 166 private pharmacies, which have concluded contracts with the Health Fund, introduced electronic recipes, which will ensure control over the prescription, issue and consumption of medicines and reduces the possibility of abuse.

The new list of medicines, introduced on 1 March 2018, implies providing modern therapy, which will greatly contribute to improving the health of citizens, especially at the onset of the disease, reducing subsequent complications, prolonged treatment and quality of life of patients.