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PM Marković meets with Iberostar Group management: Montenegro will get two new prestigious resorts in this year and at least 450 new jobs

PM Marković meets with Iberostar Group management: Montenegro will get two new prestigious resorts in this year and at least 450 new jobs
Published date: 29.01.2018 16:45 | Author: PR Service

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PHOTO: PM Marković visits Hotel Riviera

PHOTO: PM Marković visits construction site of Villa Jadran


Prime Minister Duško Marković and management representatives of Iberostar Group agreed at today's meeting that the upcoming opening of the renovated facilities of this tourist group – Hotel Riviera in Njivice and Villa Jadran in Perast – represents an important step towards enriching Montenegro's tourist offer and Iberostar's offer.

After visiting the construction site of Hotel Riviera and Villa Jadran, the Prime Minister noted that the works are advancing well and expressed the satisfaction with the fact that in this year's summer tourist season Montenegrin Littoral will get two new prestigious resorts – one with four and one with five international stars. On this occasion, PM Marković stressed the importance of opening up new jobs that these projects imply as well as the overall improvement of the quality of Montenegrin tourist offer.

Vice President of Iberostar Group, daughter of Iberostar owner Sabina Fluxà said after visiting the site that the Iberostar Group, whose headquarters are in Mallorca, Spain, and which has more than one hundred hotels in 18 countries around the world, now enriches its resort offerings in Montenegro which is certainly one of their most important destinations in the upcoming period.

We are very excited about this because we are investing with our local partner. We plan to expand our operations to other destinations in Montenegro, the Vice President of Iberostar Group said.

The management of the Iberostar Group estimates that two new hotels include the opening of at least 450 new jobs in this tourist season.

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During his meeting with management of the Iberostar Group, PM Marković reiterated the Government's readiness to be of assistance to renowned investors, highlighting the importance of two Iberostar projects, both being launched during the term of this Government when PM Marković met with one of the owners of Iberostar Miguel Fluxà Rosselló in autumn.

The representatives of the Iberostar Group informed the Prime Minister about the upcoming development plans that include dedication to sustainable development and staff education.

Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović, Director of Maritime Domain Management Predrag Jelušić, and Director General of the Directorate of Chief State Architect Dušan Vuksanović, also attended the meetings.

Iberostar Hotel Group owns more than 100 hotels with 33,500 rooms in 30 countries and more than 40 destinations around the world, including Hotel "Riviera" in Njivice, which will be opened in May next year. A group that employs some 27,000 people annually generates more than EUR two billion of turnover. Miguel Fluxà Rosselló is 581st on the Forbes list, and in Spain he is the fourth wealthiest man, whose fortune is estimated at EUR 4.4 billion.

Our Group is family business group based in Mallorca, Spain. We have operations now in 18 different countries around the world, over 100 hotels and Montenegro is for sure one of our most important destinations for the close future. In fact, we had operations in Montenegro for the past ten years, in Budva, and now this project, the Hotel Riviera in Herceg Novi. We are very excited about it because we are investing with our local partner and we are very excites as I am saying for the next few years because we plan even to grow, not only here in Herceg Novi, but in other destinations in Montenegro, Sabina Fluxà said.

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