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PM Marković: Credible partners show serious and great interest for TPP Block II and EPCG

PM Marković: Credible partners show serious and great interest for TPP Block II and EPCG
Published date: 03.01.2018 19:15 | Author: PR Service

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Responding to a journalistic question about the plans of the Government for the construction of the block II of Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja, Prime Minister Marković stressed:

We are not looking for a partner for the block II or Electric Power Company (EPCG). Credible partners show serious and big interests, we carefully look at every interest and I believe that in the first quarter we will have serious, strong and applicable decisions in terms of building block II and reconstruction of the first block and, of course, possibly a new partner in EPCG, but also with a clear goal that after a long time Montenegro will have a significant majority ownership in EPCG and thus enable us to better create development policies in the energy sector. 

The Prime Minister recalled that Montenegro had an interstate Agreement and a serious intention to build the second block of TPP with such a renowned company as Škoda Praha, but there were problems in the implementation of the Agreement regarding financing the project that was supposed to provide Škoda Praha.

Škoda Praha and its partners were given a whole year to find a new model of financing and launching this project, unfortunately they were not able to provide this. The Electric Power Company and the steering committee received instructions about the decision, which means that we create assumptions for providing the conditions for the construction of the block II and, of course, what is very important, urgent reconstruction, i.e. the ecological rehabilitation of the first bloc that will enable the operation of the first bloc for another twenty years and, more important, to provide the conditions for the rapid heating of Pljevlja, PM Marković said.

Speaking about the construction of the motorway, Prime Minister Marković said that the priority section will open Montenegro towards the north and not only towards the north, but also towards its neighbourhood. It will encourage the development of the north, encourage the development of Montenegro, it will enable that young people stay in the north, contribute to the development of the north, but also to the development of Montenegro.