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PM Marković lays foundation stone for bridge in Njegnjevo, opens bridge at Ljuboviđa and small HPP in Majstorovina

PM Marković lays foundation stone for bridge in Njegnjevo, opens bridge at Ljuboviđa and  small HPP in Majstorovina
Published date: 03.01.2018 19:07 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković and President of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje Aleksandar Žurić laid the foundation stone for the construction of a new pedestrian bridge linking Njegnjevo - Potkrajci/Sutivan over the river Lim, opened a bridge over Ljuboviđa on the new road Ravna rijeka-Latinska kosa - Jasikovac -Cmiljača in the Municipality of Bijelo Polje and opened a small hydropower plant in Bistrica in Majstorovina.

President of the Local Community of Njegnjevo Miloš Marić said on that occasion that the Prime Minister promised construction of a new bridge about a year ago during the visit to this region.

The construction of this bridge is of great importance for the local population of the settlement of Potkrajac and Sutivan who live on one of the coasts of Lim (about 800 inhabitants) and Njegnjeva and Strojtanica who live on the other coast of Lim (about 1000 inhabitants).

The length of the new bridge will be 70 meters, the width of the walking trail will be 2.7 meters. The project documentation was provided by the Municipality of Bijelo Polje. Contractor is Tehnoput MNE from Podgorica. The contracted value of the works is around EUR 300,000.

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PM Marković and Major Žurić then opened the bridge over Ljuboviđa. 

In this year we will work on two sections, a public call for six-seater cable car has been announced, we are also working on the installation and construction of a new substation for the future ski resort, therefore, there are serious and great prospects for Bijelo Polje, and we are people who not only make promises but fulfill these promises, the Prime Minister said.
The value of the works carried out on the bridge is about EUR 430,000.

The bridge is an integral part of the capital project for the development of three ski centers: Kolašin 1600, Cmiljača and Žarski, which are part of the special purpose spatial plan for Bjelasica and Komovi. The planned cost of development by 2020 is EUR 60 million.

In addition, the works on the construction of the Jasikovac-Cmiljača road, phase I, in the length of 1.2km and the works on the phase II in the length of 3.5km have been contracted. The contracted value of the phase I is over EUR 740.000,00 (EUR 740.614,70), and the second phase exceeds EUR 2 million (EUR 2.166.431,53). The beginning of these works is planned for the spring of 2018 with a construction period of 6 months.

It is also planned to announce public call in 2018 for the construction of the remaining part of the road from Jasikovac to Cmiljača, about 5 km long.
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The Prime Minister put into operation a small hydropower plant at Bistrica in Majstorovina with the capacity of 3,497 MW and a planned annual production of 11,319 GWh.

The investment value is EUR 7.8 million, of which EUR 4.2 million is financed by the EBRD - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the rest is funded by investor - most by the majority owner Tomas Hajek from the Czech Republic.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister and the President of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje opened the reconstructed city square. More than EUR 900,000 has been invested in the reconstruction so far.