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PM Marković at Questions to Prime Minister Session: We are determined to make Montenegro safe and secure

PM Marković at Questions to Prime Minister Session: We are determined to make Montenegro safe and secure
Published date: 29.11.2017 15:00 | Author: PR Service

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Questions to the Prime Minister session was held earlier today, where Prime Minister Duško Marković noted that the Prime Minister, the Government and law enforcement institutions are determined that criminals in Montenegro will not be peaceful as long as any individual and, of course, the state is threatened.

There is no reason that can stop us on this path, not even the lack of financial resources or lack of professional capacity. What we do not miss, but we have to the fullest extent, is the determination and the will to make Montenegro safe and secure, and of course every citizen and every individual, Prime Minister Marković said at the Parliament.

Adrijan Vuksanović, on behalf of the Caucus of the Bosniak Party, the coalition "Shqiptaret te vendosur - Albanians Decisively" - Forca, DUA and AA and the Croatian Civil Initiative, asked the Prime Minister what actions are being undertaken in order to achieve greater security in society, in order to prevent the activities of various criminal structures and whether the results of the Operational Headquarters for Bay of Kotor are already visible. PM Marković said that today's security challenges around the world, and even in Montenegro, are very complex.

Therefore, the focus of our attention is on decisive response of the state to stop the attempt of endangering stability and security in every way, which implies permanent strengthening of efficiency in the work of prosecutorial, police and judicial bodies. For this reason, we have allocated EUR 6 million more than in 2017, and the estimated value of approved projects for technical equipping and modernisation of the police amounts to EUR 14,350,000.00 with the deadline of realisation until 2020. Such commitment is a priority task for us to ensure the necessary level of legal and economic security, and in that way to contribute to the accelerated development and affirmation of Montenegro as a safe tourist destination, a NATO member, which is successfully advancing on its path to the European Union, PM Marković said, adding that the Government sends a clear message that no one can play games with the state.

The Prime Minister said that from 1 December 2016 to 1 November 2017, within the project "Talas" (Wave), 4,550 persons of interest and 560 facilities were checked, and 46 criminal charges were filed.

This is, we will agree, more than a clear message that there are no privileges in Montenegro, and that criminals cannot feel comfortable, the Prime Minister said.

When it comes to the prevention of drug smuggling and drug abuse, 215 criminal offenses were revealed, and 224 persons were prosecuted by the competent prosecutor’s offices.

I condemn every form of violent behaviour

Speaking about the attack on the office of the Croatian Citizens' Initiative in Tivat, which took place on the night between 30 and 31 October, the Prime Minister said that he resolutely condemns every form of violent behaviour, including attacks on political subjects.

I am sure that different premises and opinions in the democratic world should be communicated in a civilized and argumentative way, not by stoning or by any other form of non-culture, violence and unlawfulness. As far as the concrete case is concerned, according to the information available to me, officers of the Security Department of Tivat undertake operational measures and actions aimed at identifying the person who committed the incident. Although I have repeatedly pointed out the importance of disclosing all the facts regarding this event, I invite the Minister, Director of the Police Directorate and the Prosecutor to promptly, professionally and competently complete their part of the work so that the perpetrator of this vandal act would be adequately sanctioned. Expressing full confidence in the institutions of the system, I believe that the state's response, as well as in other cases, will not be absent in this case, PM Marković said.

More money for education and science

The Caucus of the Democratic Party of Socialists asked the Prime Minister what the concrete expectations of the Government and the Prime Minister are from increased allocations for science and education, and also on additional funds allocated for employment and support to entrepreneurship.

PM Marković said that the budget of the Ministry of Education is increased by EUR three million, with the aim of further improving educational infrastructure and vocational training. When it comes to science, the Prime Minister said that the budget of the Ministry of Science for the next year is 60 percent higher than the budget in the past year.

We will significantly invest in supporting entrepreneurship in tourism, manufacturing, as well as in agriculture and rural development – with the aim of better utilization of natural resources and adoption of new standards, including those in food safety, PM Marković said.

Government deals with every aspect of the pensioners' lives

Speaking about pensions, the Prime Minister said that the planned increase in the budget of the Pension Fund for the next year is EUR 15 million, and that funds are foreseen for regular adjustment of pensions, as well as for financing the pensioners' social and humanitarian needs, granting of one-time social assistance, co-financing of housing construction for pensioners, equipping and renovating clubs of pensioners.

Government pays special attention to infrastructure

Mićo Orlandić, on behalf of the Caucus of the Social Democrats of Montenegro and the Liberal Party of Montenegro, asked the Prime Minister about the road infrastructure. Prime Minister recalled his Exposé where he noted that the Government would pay special attention to the continuous improvement and development of the infrastructure that will connect Montenegro with the regional and international roads, and thus make it accessible and more attractive not only to tourists, but also potential investors.

I will also remind that in 2017 we have invested over EUR 48 million in the reconstruction and construction of regional and main roads, the Prime Minister said, adding that in 2018 EUR 69 million will be allocated for these purposes and that two loans of EUR 40 million each are agreed with the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. These loans are related to 13 reconstruction projects of about 180 kilometers of main roads.