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PM Marković, Foreign Minister of Romania Maleskanu: Regatta principle in EU integration process unquestionable

PM Marković, Foreign Minister of Romania Maleskanu: Regatta principle in EU integration process unquestionable
Published date: 07.11.2017 13:50 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (7 November 2017) – Regatta principle in the EU accession process of the Western Balkans cannot be brought into question because different approach could slow down the integration processes, Prime Minister Duško Marković and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania Teodor Malescanu agreed following the meeting which took place in Podgorica. 

The meeting emphasised that the EU accession process, as one of the most important European policies, should be continuously based on the fundamental principle of evaluating efforts and successes of each country individually. 
PM Marković noted that the Western Balkan region is still facing the challenges on political, security and economic levels, adding that the best response to those challenges is European perspective of the region. „The EU open door policy for the Western Balkan countries is not only a policy of stabilisation of the region, but also a policy of stability of the entire EU. Therefore, it would be appropriate for the region if the EU's approach is less administrative and more substantial,“ PM Marković pointed out.

Foreign Minister Malescanu stressed that the EU integration of the Western Balkans is one of the priorities of the Government of Romania, voicing belief that in the coming years this process will receive additional impulse as several countries of the South-East Europe will take over the EU presidency. 

When it comes to the European perspective of the Western Balkans, the meeting highlighted that the Berlin Process provides various opportunities for cooperation and joint projects.

PM Marković and Minister Malescanu agreed that Montenegro and Romania as friendly countries have no open issues and that the cooperation can be strengthened in different areas, particularly in energy, tourism and agriculture. In that regard, PM Marković made a proposal which was accepted by the Romanian side, and that is to organise a joint economic forum for the representatives of the business community at the time of the first official meeting between the prime ministers of Montenegro and Romania.

The meeting also discussed various issues related to the cooperation between Montenegro and Romania as NATO member states.