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Council for NATO holds its first session

Council for NATO holds its first session
Published date: 30.10.2017 14:22 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (30 October 2017) -- Today's first session of the Council for NATO, chaired by President of the Council, Prime Minister Duško Marković, concluded that by joining NATO, Montenegro has achieved one of the key foreign policy priorities and that the country's new position implies a responsible attitude in defining national priorities and their alignment with the Allies. It was noted that in that context, one of the priorities would be to promote Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkan countries and NATO's open door policy, as well as its further contribution to meeting the Alliance's key objectives and values.

The Council concluded that after five months since joining NATO, Montenegro has already benefited from membership, primarily through increased amount of information on the country in the foreign public, the perception of the country as a safe investment destination and a stronger interest of renowned investors in investing in Montenegro.

The current Communication Team of the Council for NATO Membership was dismissed, instead of which a team will be appointed within the Interdepartmental Commission for NATO to coordinate communication activities in line with the interests of the State and citizens of Montenegro.

Ivo Đoković, Assistant Secretary-General to the Government, was appointed Secretary of the Council, who also held this duty in the former Council for NATO Membership.

The Council for NATO was established by the Decision of the Government of Montenegro passed at the 43rd session, which took place on 5 October 2017.