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PM Marković opens Global Citizen Forum: Building open society creates conditions for Montenegrin citizens to become global citizens

PM Marković opens Global Citizen Forum: Building open society creates conditions for Montenegrin citizens to become global citizens
Published date: 19.10.2017 10:12 | Author: PR Service

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Sveti Stefan, Montenegro (19 October 2017) – Prime Minister Duško Marković opened earlier this morning the Global Citizen Forum, taking place in Sveti Stefan on 19 -20 October. After Dubai (2013), Toronto (2014) and Monaco (2015), Montenegro is a host of the prestigious international event within the Global Citizen Initiative.

Speaking about cosmopolitanism on the one hand and belonging to a state and nation on the other hand, PM Marković stressed in his welcome address that technological revolutions and economic globalisation dramatically brought closer and integrated citizens worldwide, adding that this, however, carries the danger that members of the world's financial, political, and cultural elites might distance themselves from their compatriots and ultimately lose their trust..

“I, therefore, believe that a global citizen need to bear responsibilities that we have at local and national levels. In that regard, the national governments, which are primarily obliged to represent, protect and promote national interests, are in specific position. I understand the fear of a global citizen of the consequences that might follow if governments act only and exclusively in their national interest. This notion is not unfounded when it comes to some global, or wider regional topics, such as climate change, the fight against global warming, or major migration… I am in favour of the balance between the vision of cosmopolitanism and the sublime goals the global citizens advocate for on one hand, and the obligations and duties they have towards their compatriots and their countries on the other hand,” the Prime Minister noted.

Referring to Montenegro as an example, PM Marković underlined that Njegoš, as a visionary, poet and philosopher, should have been a global citizen and that modern Montenegro is the heir to his legacy through linking its future to the values of the Western civilisation and being committed to become a part of the most powerful security, economic and democratic communities – NATO and the EU.

"By building such an open society, I believe that we are creating conditions for each of our citizens who feels that way to become a global citizen. And for each citizen of the world who comes to Montenegro to feel comfortable, regardless of whether they are only tourists, potential investors, or participants in such a high-level Forum.

The two - day Forum, which is taking place under the slogan “Opportunities in the Age of Uncertainty,” gathers global leaders, industry visionaries, entrepreneurs and celebrities, such as actor Robert De Niro, writer and motivational speaker Robin Sharma, barrister Cherie Blair, businessmen, philanthropist and founder of the Global Citizen Initiative Armand Arton, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Wesley Clark, Former President of Bulgaria Petar Stoyanov, member of the Royal Family of Qatar Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani, and G20 Foundation Secretary General Steven O’Brien.