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Munich: PM Marković talks to Gunther Krichbaum of Bundestag, discusses support towards EU and NATO integration

Munich: PM Marković talks to Gunther Krichbaum of Bundestag, discusses support towards EU and NATO integration
Published date: 18.02.2017 13:30 | Author: PR Service

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Munich, Germany (18 February 2017) – Germany fully supports Montenegro's path towards the EU and NATO, President of the European Affairs Committee of the Bundestag Gunther Krichbaum highlighted earlier today at the meeting with Prime Minister Duško Marković. The meeting took place in Munich, at the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, where the two officials discussed the overall situation in Montenegro and also the Western Balkans.

Bundestag's Krichbaum stressed that the boycott of the Parliament is unacceptable, adding that all kind of disputes should be resolved throughout the dialogue as a cornerstone of democracy. Speaking of the attempt of the terrorist attacks during the election day in the previous year, Mr Krichbaum voiced belief that Montenegrin judiciary can resolve this particular case.

Prime Minister Marković noted that regardless of the complexity of the political situation in Montenegro and the Western Balkans, the country is committed to overcoming the challenges. In that regard, he stressed the importance of an intensive communication between the prime ministers of the Western Balkan countries.

Speaking of the political situation in Montenegro, PM Marković voiced the Government's commitment to conduct a dialogue with the opposition parties, adding that the attempt of blocking the state to join the NATO is a major reason of the current situation in the country.

PM Marković reiterated Montenegro's commitment to continue pursuing its strategic foreign policy goals – the EU and NATO membership, adding that 24 NATO member States have already ratified the Protocol on Montenegro's accession to the Alliance.

When it comes to the EU accession process, PM Marković highlighted that the country has opened 26 negotiation chapters and that two more chapters are ready for opening the negotiations. The EU should remained open to the enlargement policy in order to preserve the stability of the Western Balkans and entire Europe.

The two officials agreed that Montenegro has achieved a positive growing trend in tourism, with a particular emphasis on the positive image of the country in Germany. In that regard, PM Marković stressed that the Government is continuously working on accelerating the capital projects in this area.