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PM Marković meets with Hoyt Brian Yee

PM Marković meets with Hoyt Brian Yee
Published date: 15.12.2016 23:26 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (15 December 2016) – Prime Minister Duško Marković met today with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Brian Yee, who said that Montenegro represents a good example of how a small country with limited resources can successfully implement reforms and succeed even in difficult conditions.

The two officials agreed that progress has been made in the field of rule of law and strengthening of institutions that are willing and able to protect the country and its citizens. Mr Yee said that it is necessary to continue efforts to improve in this area and Montenegro will have the full support of the United States.

Speaking about the internal political situation, PM Marković pointed out that the goal of the Government is to strengthen social cohesion and, in that context, stressed the importance of active participation of the opposition in political life. He reiterated readiness for constructive dialogue on all issues in Parliament.

Yee expressed support to find solution to this problem through dialogue and established democratic institutions.

Regarding the issue of Euro-Atlantic integration, the Prime Minister stressed that in the spring of next year, when we expect the full membership in the Alliance, Montenegro will be ready to assume the responsibilities that membership entails, including the budget for defence.

Talking about the ratification process of the Protocol on the Accession by the NATO Member States, the Prime Minister expressed the hope that the US Senate will ratify the Protocol in January next year.