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Questions to the Prime Minister session held earlier today at Parliament of Montenegro

Questions to the Prime Minister session held earlier today at Parliament of Montenegro
Published date: 27.05.2015 21:49 | Author: PR Bureau

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Podgorica, Montenegro (27 May 2015) – Questions to the Prime Minister session was held earlier today at the Parliament of Montenegro, where PM Đukanović faced the questions from MPs related, among others, to the unsolved murder of editor and director of daily DAN Duško Jovanović, obstructions of the implementation of certain development projects and the government’s priorities in the next one-year period.

Leader of the Socialist People's Party (SNP) Srđan Milić asked the Prime Minister whether he considers himself accountable for shedding light on the political background of the murder of Duško Jovanović.

PM Đukanović responded that he does not hold himself responsible because Duško Jovanović’s murder has not been solved yet, adding that the murder has nothing to do with the state authorities of Montenegro.

According to the Prime Minister, murders of journalists are not the consequence of criminal showdowns, but that they have political backgrounds.

"Political instigators and masterminds of these crimes often remain beyond the reach of justice. On numerous occasions I have said that the motive of this murder should be considered in the light of destabilisation and destruction of Montenegro. In my opinion, the originator of the crime should be looked for at that address that brutally abused the daily DAN against Montenegro," he pointed out.

Milutin Simović of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) asked the Prime Minister how the obstruction of the implementation of certain development projects influences financial, economic and overall social trends in the country.

In Montenegro, there is a common practice for a part of the public, NGOs and political parties to undertake destructive activities in order to challenge the implementation of some projects, such as the Queen's Beach project, PM Đukanović responded.

"Queen's beach is an example where a campaign which had lasted several months made the investor to abandon the project. This means the loss of EUR 220 million of planned investment, the loss of new jobs. Also, the opportunity to build a quality resort which would contribute to the promotion of Montenegro as a tourist destination was missed," he explained.

Another example of obstruction, in the Prime Minister’s words, is the lease contract for Sveti Stefan in Miločer, which threatens the creation of 300 new jobs, as well as the obstruction concerning investments in Buljarica and on the Island Of Mamula.

"When it comes to the Buljarica project, it is about 10,350 workers, 1,850 of them engaged in supply activities. The Committee on Economy did not approve the Lastavica project. If the project fails, the possibility of cooperation with renowned companies such as Orascom will be threatened and the state will lose a lot as a tourist destination. Having only political interests guided by the desire to change the government, some do not care for the consequences of such actions," PM Đukanović underscored.

These activities of the parliamentary majority would endanger the sustainability of the budget and the country could experience greater systematic damage, Montenegro’s Prime Minister Đukanović concluded.

Borislav Banovic of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) recalls of the fact that the Government and the Assembly are entering the final year of their four-year mandate, and therefore he asked Montenegro’s Prime Minister what issue need to be given priority.

PM Đukanovć noted that his government's priorities must be the acceleration of economic growth, progress in the field of the rule of law, improving education and dynamic progress towards EU and NATO accession.

"The most important objective is to get the invitation for NATO membership until the end of the year," he emphasised.

The Prime Minister also said that a lot of work has been done in terms of cutting spending, decreasing deficit and combating corruption.

"I have to express concern over the slowdown of development processes. The chances that appeared to us will not wait for us," he stated.

Mr Đukanović said that a set of laws has long been awaiting adoption in the parliament and that it significantly hampers cooperation with investors and projects implementation.

"The government must offer a favourable business environment in Montenegro. We have to be committed to performing tasks in the pre-election period. We can work more, better and be more responsible. Nowadays, we are in the stage of economic and social development to which all stakeholders have to make a contribution, the Government in particular, in order to meet as many needs as possible. We lack quality preparations and discussions. I see a serious deficit of talent to work as a team and share opinions," PM Đukanović noted.

He said that the procedure of oil and gas exploration in the offshore of Montenegro has been completed.

"We could have declared the winner of the tender, but we wanted as many quality partners as possible to be engaged in this project. We have all the prerequisites to get soon the winner of the tender," the Prime Minister stated.

He also reiterated that the Government is committed to resolving the issue of financial sustainability of local governments.